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  1. Gardening and Agriculture
    I want to plant some corn next year that I can use to grind for corn meal and for making tortillas. Can anyone give me the type of corn and where to get it? And, if it is an heirloom, all the more better...thank you!!
  2. Gardening and Agriculture
    We grew Painted Mountain corn for the first time this year. We chose it because it is open pollenated and short season, so would help us be more self-sufficient. It is a flour corn that can be dried and ground into cornmeal, fried in a skillet to make parched corn, or fed to our animals. Our...
  3. Gardening and Agriculture
    DH was wondering today whether there is a difference between the Seed corn that we have stockpiled and the feed corn we purchase for the animals (pigs, cows, horses) and whether we can plant that. We recently found somebody who has a silo filled with whole corn that they are selling for 10.00...
  4. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    I picked some corn the other day and when me and my husband got ready to shuck it and we noticed that the kernals were dried out. We went a head and got it off the cob and have it finish drying, it was still a little damp.(putting it out in the sun to finish drying.) I've read on other websites...
  5. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    How could I dry out corn so that it stays good for a really long time? I have seen dried corn before but have no idea how it is done.
  6. Gardening and Agriculture
    I let some of my corn stay on the stalk too long and now it is really starchy. I'm thinking of either letting it dry out on the stalk or pulling it all off and putting in the dehydrator. Then maybe I can grind it for cornmeal? What do you all think I should do?
1-6 of 6 Results