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  1. Livestock
    We are down to 6 laying hens due to last summers predator problem. Not 1 of them is the least bit interested in sitting on eggs to bring the population back up. Soooo... We picked up a small styrofoam incubator at an auction last year for next to nothing. I collected eggs last week and on...
  2. Livestock
    DW and I decided that we want to start raising chickens. We cleaned out an old chicken coop, went to Tractor Supply and got 1 dozen mixed red straight run peeps, along with a feeder, waterer, feed, shavings, and a heat lamp. I was told (by my dad) that straight run means hens and roosters...
  3. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    Baby chicks! I set my first incubator load for 2010 yesterday. I cannot wait to see the hatch.
1-3 of 3 Results