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  1. Livestock
    So, I'm thinking about raising chickens up here in west central Minnesota. But, I work nights. I work on an ambulance from 6:00pm to 6:00am 7 out of 14 nights. Is this a ridiculous way to raise chickens or maybe better? Basically, when I get home at 6:05am, I can sure tend to the chickens...but...
  2. Livestock
    Anyone here raise BRs for meat and eggs?We have been using them for eggs for a couple years now.I am finally thinking aboyut let hubby kill some for meat,the roos. I don't want cornish.I just ordered 20 '10 are roos'to go with my five hens.I will have cool weather to build up more...
  3. Livestock
    We have a very sick chicken. From what we have researched an egg did not form the shell and has burst inside her. we have her in the bathroom and are giving her 2cc. of pen every 24 hours. We are pureeing food for her because she was not eating the grain and also we have electrolytes down for...
  4. Livestock
    Somebody told me they had read you can't raise chickens and turkeys together. Anybody know anything about that? I assume she meant raising them as chicks together from the hatchery as opposed to in your yard together after they have feathered out.
  5. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    We have had them before but always got rid of them because they crow so much.Any suggestions on quiting them down some? We had one barred rock that was a beauty but he never shut up! Even at 3 am he was crowing and our pens are not that far fro mthe house now.Too old to go checkign on thigns...
  6. Livestock
    it is so hot and HUMID now and I was thinking layer may not be a good idea for my chickens.I know they will lay eggs without it so should I take them off layer for awhile?
  7. Livestock
    We have 3 chickens laying now and 10, 10 week old Barred Rock hens. We just want enough eggs for the 2 of us.How many should we keep? I was thinking 5 would give us eggs and some left over for extra protien for the 3 medium size dogs. We were going to trade or sell the eggs but too many...
  8. Livestock
    8 week old Golden Buff pullets, free range, $5 each call: Dan 330-416-8206 or Mariah 330-416-3250 4 week old Amaeraucana & Rhode Island Red chicks $3 each call: 330-807-6663 Bantam Silkie Roosters, blue, buff, and lavender $10 each call: 330-807-6663 mixed ducks, 10 weeks old, $10 each...
  9. Livestock
    We are down to 6 laying hens due to last summers predator problem. Not 1 of them is the least bit interested in sitting on eggs to bring the population back up. Soooo... We picked up a small styrofoam incubator at an auction last year for next to nothing. I collected eggs last week and on...
  10. Livestock
    I am interested in raising and keeping a few chickens in my back yard. I have a family of 4 so I think 2-3 chickens will do nicely. Does anyone here have experience in this? How about the smell? Would it be bad or with that few chickens would it be ok? Thanks, Shrek
  11. General Homesteading & Building
    I'm new to Prepared Society but I thought I would ask the group about a solution for what we think is a mineral deficiency. As you all know to be prepared you have to have food, water and shelter. Animal husbandry is not something you pick up over night. We are raising chickens, guineas and...
  12. For Sale & Wanted
    This DVD shows how to locate and develop your home in the wilderness. Made in Alaska by real homesteaders, this video takes you through the steps of finding land, and living comfortably off-grid. This is living in the wilderness, not just surviving. This DVD is very helpful for anyone...
  13. Livestock
    Hi All, I am new to this forum. I just got a copy of it looks really good for instructions on how to build a chicken coop. I am getting ready to build one and was wondering if anyone else used it and can give me any tips to look out for. Thanks!:wave:
  14. For Sale & Wanted
    we have new zealand whites and californian rabbits for sell. we also have night crawler worms. we live in tenn. we have chickens too. call randy 731-614-0619
  15. Livestock
    DW and I decided that we want to start raising chickens. We cleaned out an old chicken coop, went to Tractor Supply and got 1 dozen mixed red straight run peeps, along with a feeder, waterer, feed, shavings, and a heat lamp. I was told (by my dad) that straight run means hens and roosters...
1-15 of 15 Results