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  1. Livestock
    Which breed does well left alone for 5 days at a time? I live 2 hours from my BOL so transporting our livestock we have at home will not be feasible. We need something that we can put at the BOL, feed and water weekly, but that will be left alone through the week. The livestock at home will be...
  2. Livestock
    Take two ... (storms) ;) Well ... my hubby had his first Longhorn calf born today. :woohoo: Sassy (short for Sassafras ... because she can be a real "B" ... had her calf today... Just so you know ... we are under a severe thunderstorm warning. :rolleyes: It is coming down in buckets!!! Well...
  3. Livestock
    I'm seriously concerting getting some mini cows. Dose anyone have some or know someone that dose? I would like to get a mini Jersey/Lowline cross.
1-3 of 3 Results