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  1. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    Ok, I searched the forums (I swear) and couldn't find how you folks are canning butter. I've seen a couple different methods on youtube. One I didn't like at all (Bexarprepper), but hers took a lot of cooking. Another one I looked at (LDSprepper) just liquified butter in the jars, and...
  2. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    I regularly buy and can butter for the "Holidays"(what my daughters call SHTF) and last night while canning 10 pounds I noticed that when I took each jar out of the canner, they had about twice as much liquid in the bottom as past batches had. It was not there due to the melted butter not being...
  3. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    I got a feller herrasin me about water bath cannin butter an cheese. Said it's not safe that you will get botulisum. I think he be blowin smoke myself, but what yall think? If it was meat er somthin like that, yeah, yer gonna pressure can it, but I don't think so on dairy?
  4. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    We'll despite one wicked headache, I wen't ahead an canned up some butter an cheese taday. Here be a few pics: A couple a the finished jars. Right outa the canner. Gonna be good eats later. Ain't got round ta vac baggin the bakin soda er bakin powder yet. Plus got more salt an sugar ta...
  5. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    Im going to try this with my churned butter and see if it works. 1. Any butter can be used but the higher quality butters will be easier to work with. There isn't as much separation. 2. One pound of butter is a little more then a pint so it is easy to figure how many one pint jars you will...
  6. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    I just tried my hand at canning butter! Has anyone else tried this? I am frustrated that I cant buy canned butter in Canada to put in my food storage. but now I can do my own, its a bit of work but will be worth it. I got the link to the recipe from here somewhere, i forget what thread. all I...
  7. General Food and Foraging Discussion
    Does anyone know where you can buy canned butter/margarine in Canada? Southern Ontario preferably? Also, I am fully set up to do canning, so is there any way this can be done at home?
1-7 of 7 Results