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  1. Vehicle & Transportation
    So me and my wife have been talking about the next truck I should pick up since I sold my k5 blazer last week. It was originally my weekend warrior/bug out/project truck but after weighing everything up I decided to got with a suburban instead....... Here's what I'm looking forward to: -6.2l...
  2. Vehicle & Transportation
    Bike trailers Worth considering as a last ditch ATV trailers Loads of fun and uses
  3. Vehicle & Transportation
    Check out what this guy built, it's amazing! He does good work too! Gypsy Wagon
  4. Vehicle & Transportation
    So I just got a new vehicle. Well "new" being a relative term. It's a 1991 Chevy S10. After 6 months of scouring Craigslist and checking the local paper I had finally come across something that might work. My mechanic came into possession of the S10 with a bad 5-speed transmission, and a Blazer...
  5. Vehicle & Transportation
    Hi Ive just started to rebuild a landrover defender 110 with a new chassis and thought maybe someone might be interested in the Mods i plan to put into it during the rebuild. 1. Winch and bumper 2. Diff locks 3. On board compressor 4. Lamps (spot, fog, driving, inspection). 5. Full length roof...
  6. Vehicle & Transportation
    I've been doing a little reading up on bug-out vehicles and hurricane evacuations. Here's a basic article I put together on the topic: Getting Your Vehicle Ready For An Emergency Evacuation Obviously, if you will be driving through zombie armies and fending off competing warlords, you're...
1-6 of 6 Results