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  1. Equipment & Survival Kits
    I regularly read about the role of emergency survival kits in helping people to survive emergency situations. I am also worried about the safety of my children, wife, and parents when I am away from them. Therefore, I am planning to buy an emergency survival kit for my home. However, I am a bit...
  2. Equipment & Survival Kits
    Emergency kits such as earthquake kits, car kits, office emergency kits, first aid kits, etc contain several survival items that can help individual survive and stay safe in case of emergencies. Mostly pre-made emergency kits are 72 hour emergency kit and are designed keeping the fact that it...
  3. Equipment & Survival Kits
    Generally I use shoulder bags for BOBs or GHBs. There is a school of thought that prefers backpacks So, what is your favourite container for GHB or BOB ?
  4. Gardening and Agriculture
    Does anyone carry seeds for planting in their bob? I was thinking of putting something together? Any suggestions about how long the seed will "keep", and how many I should keep for each type of veg and plant.
1-4 of 4 Results