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  1. Energy & Electricity
    Just under a year ago, I purchased my first Honda Inverter generator. I purchased the EU-20i, a 2000 watts unit. It has proven itself over and over again. This wasn't too difficult of a task to perform, considering how frequently we experience power outages here. While we don't attempt to...
  2. Energy & Electricity
    I was in the Local Tractor Supply a bit ago and saw a 7000 watt diesel gen for about 1200.00.. Hell, I paid 1000.00 for my Honda 2 K... I know it has to be made in China but still. Anybody know anything about these?...think it was a Gennirac (?)... also a gasser 15 KW for just over 2 K...
  3. Energy & Electricity
    Lacking a transfer switch, If I pulled the main on the circuit breaker box and fed the power from a generator through an exterior plug, What could go wrong?
  4. Energy & Electricity
    I have been researching expandable solar power systems and have a few questions for anyone who is familiar with them. If I'm understanding correctly the order the equipment goes is ... Panel to disconnect to charge controller to monitor to batteries to inverter to grid panel box or extension...
  5. Energy & Electricity
    I am building a blacksmith shop out back. It will be grid wired, but I also want it to be wired for 12 volts. I see al the RV type outlets and stuff, but what do you real off grid pros use for 12/110v or 12v only wiring systems?
  6. Energy & Electricity
    My Google-Fu is weak on this one. I've had this idea since I made a fiber-optic flashlight in the Air Force for the guys that had to crawl into the aircraft fuel tanks. Basically we found some real thick (about 7/8") fiber cable and slipped most of it inside some Black rubber tubing. By exposing...
  7. General Preparedness Discussion
    I have no trouble with a short time power out keeping my generator safe but I'm not sure how to really 'stealth out' a sound that loud, especially with the exhaust needing to be vented... Any good methods out there?
  8. Energy & Electricity
    My wife and I want to take an electric mobile home off the grid. Double wide mobile home on permanent foundation (crawl space) until we can build a more energy efficient house on the land in 2-3 years. I want some input from others that have already taken houses off the grid. Considerations...
  9. Energy & Electricity
    I know i can use a car battery and head light,direct connection but is this safe? Would like to have for camp site or on hand for any time i need light and have no power. Not sure how to wire it?.And would the battery last longer useing say tail light bulbs??? CAN any one help.
  10. Energy & Electricity
    Ok Iv been tossing this idea around in my head. What if you could build a water fall and a water wheel to make all of your electricity? Would it be feasible? How would you make it work? You would have to be able to re circulate the water I know but how would it be accomplished?
  11. Energy & Electricity
    My good friend has a wind generator but no control box. He called a place that sells control boxes and told him that wind generators require a special controller.The controller that came with the wind generator, I have and it's the same brand and type I use with my panels. What would be the...
  12. Energy & Electricity
    I got these: Got 5 of em, they say 20 watts each, an 1.22 Amps. Now I just gotta decide what to do with them. Could use em on the motorhome er put in a small system here at the house. Don't now which yet. Be nice if I can get a few more from work.
  13. Energy & Electricity
    I found this guy a while back. A lot of what he does is experimental, but it looks like great fun and could possibly be used in some ways. he uses a lot of parabolic mirrors, fresnel lenses, stirling engines, and solar panels. kind of interesting. check it out: YouTube - GREENPOWERSCIENCE's...
  14. Energy & Electricity
    Just bought a new 2KW propane generator for $370, shipping included off ebay. They ship to the USA and Canada free. When it arrives I will do a thorough test...
  15. Energy & Electricity
    I've seen a solar generator for a couple grand that can run a regular household fridge not to mention many other things. The supreme advantage of this unit is it needs NO GAS ever! I've also been researching solar kits, inverters and battery banks to see if I can build this same thing...
  16. Energy & Electricity
    I have been interested in harnessing the massive heat that even a small fresnal lense can generate from some time now and eventually stumbled upon thermoelectric power generation from flat plate like electronic modules. It's a little square that if you hit it with a flame, it generates...
1-16 of 16 Results