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    1. exiledsaint
      Saskdame. How do you do? Im from the lower 48, and since it appears your the only other person who has a blog other than I, I figured I would drop in and say hello.
      Im in Raleigh, North Carolina...a rather overpopulated area really, but nice in general...Im from Michigan and the trees here arent anywhere near as tall as back home...but my mother lives here and the economy took my last Im getting back on my feet.
      I was wondering, If I may ask...what is life like out in Saskatoon? I ask because I know where your at in general, but is it cold most of the time? I must say I am most jealous to say the least...far out in the world, away from the worst of the populace.
      Anyway, I saw from your blog that you quit smoking. congrats and I hope your doing well with that. I quit 3 years ago before it was to late and I was to old.
      well, fare thee well, and I hope to talk to you in the future.
    2. SaskDame
      SaskBound, no use being sorry and as you can see, I have not been all that good at checking in either with one thing and another.

      Your location sounds as if it is within actual driving distance from here. We are about an hour south of Saskatoon, on the east side of the Sask River.
    3. SaskBound
      hi, saskdame! sorry for such a late reply...have not logged in all summer, as we have been busy with non-computer stuff. we have not made it out to sask on a permanent basis yet, though our current hobby seems to be planting trees on our farm (long commute from alberta, though!). we are south / south east of saskatoon, as well, or will be once we arrive.
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