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    1. PamsPride
      Part 3: Read them from bottom to top! LOL! My post was to long!
      My favorite part is when we were at an all day event on Saturday I was able to take care of it and I did not have to take anything into the restroom with me...pad, purse, nothing! So no one was any the wiser! If you are out and about and do not have a sink CLOSE to rinse just take a bottle of water into the stall or outhouse with you. If I am experiencing my heavy flow days and I expect to be out to where I can not change it I just put a pad on but I have not had any problems with it at all. There really is not an ick factor with it at all either. Was that more info than you wanted?? LOL! Let me know if there was something I missed!
    2. PamsPride
      Part 2:
      But I find that if it is positioned right then I do not feel it at all. As long as it is positioned right I do not have any leaking at all. I find it easiest to empty and change it when I take a shower. But I have a sink right next to the toilet and when I am experiencing my heavier flow days I just empty it into the toilet and then rinse in the sink and then reinsert. But I also find it easier to get it positioned right if I am sitting on the toilet vs standing in the shower.
    3. PamsPride
      Hmm, You probably maxed out on the 1,000 referral swagbucks a while ago so you I would no longer be getting matching points then. The only way I could check now is by your first name and last name initial but I am not remembering Emeraldwitch so you might have signed up under the other lady. But that is fine! I am just glad you are enjoying and earning!
      I like the Diva Cup a lot! There is a learning curve with it but by the time you use it a couple of times...or even a couple of days you (your dd) will be a pro at it! So I would suggest adding a pad (I use a cloth reusable pad and I do not even feel like I have a pad on at all!) as a back up until you (she) is familiar with how it works. If the bottom tip irritates it can be trimmed down some.
    4. Emerald
      My swag name is Emeraldwitch and I get quads almost every day so hopefully I am helping you prep-just got almost 500 in surveys alone today.
      And I wanna pick your brain over the diva cup- I am thinking of buying one for my daughter and want to know if you like it or not.. she won't pay for one but I think if I get her one she'll use it due to the high cost of other personal products..
    5. PamsPride
      You can just start a new thread in General Discussion. Just click into the General Homesteading Dicussion section and then it will say NEW THREAD on the left. Click on it and post a link and the picture should pop up if it is in photobucket or something.
    6. neldarez
      Pam, if I would like to share a picture of an eagle that I took today, where would I post it? Should I open a new thread? How do I open a new threat? Thanks, I saw you were on so I thought maybe you could help me.........
    7. PamsPride
      You are forgiven!! :)
    8. BasecampUSA
      yup, you are right, I just clicked on the wrong name... very sorry, please forgive me.
    9. PamsPride
      I am guessing you have the wrong person. I don't have mylar bags and did not send any. Sorry.
    10. BasecampUSA
      Hi pam, any idea when my mylar bags will get here?


      Cliff Myles
    11. PamsPride
      This is what I found:
      Dehydrated Vegetables
      Dehydrated vegetables store well if hermetically sealed in the absence of oxygen. Plan on a storage life of 8-10 years at a stable temperature of 70 degrees F. They should keep proportionately longer if stored at cooler temperatures.

      I feel like the more I try to get in top of the food storage the further behind I get! The thought of feeding my family in a long term power outage is a daunting task!
      I am hoping for a VERY productive garden this year.
    12. goshengirl
      Congrats on your carrots! That's a HUGE project! :)
      I'm thinking about making carrot powder (none of us are carrot eaters in my family, but a veggie powder might be a good way to sneak carrots into soups, etc.) Do you know what the shelf life is of your dried carrots?
      Just in the past month I'm starting to feel like I'm getting on top of this food storage thing. How about you? Getting those buckets filled?
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