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Jan 7, 2017
Oct 16, 2008
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YourAdministrator, eh?

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Jan 7, 2017
    1. BillM
      I would like to opt in to politics
    2. fonts
      Why can't I open threads in the political forum?
    3. PamsPride
      NaeKid, I see that maybe I should have posted my First Aid Kit Suggestion under the Health and Medicine section instead of Tools & Emergency kits. Maybe you could move it for me? Please. Sorry, I just did not see that option when I was looking...and it is right below it! LOL!
    4. JustCliff
      I was wondering if I was doing something wrong as far as posts? I have posted a couple things and They still have not been approved.
    5. GailP
      Hey there!

      Hope you're having a great day! I was wondering if you know of any Ham Radio groups in Calgary? I would like to explore that area of interest :)

      - Gail Cooke
    6. Donald
      Hozaybuck........You are determined to have your way right or wrong and the homesteader is right with you. I will not argue with ya'll other than to say that I am not worried about ya'll beating up on me or taking my preps. There is a difference between the rapture and the breakdown of civilization. Yeah, I try not to look down on anyone but I have got a house, some acreage and I got it myself. If I did it, anyone can. When the breakdown comes find my place and I will try to help you. This is my last note so as to avoid the childish prattle we have sunk to. However, speaking of childish prattle, save a few cents from your prepper budget and ya'll get you some ex-lax, I spect it will help you a lot...............By, By....Donald:congrat:
    7. Sonnyjim
      Hey Naekid, which part of Calgary are you from? My parents lived in Okatoks for about 4 years, been out to the area many times, even thought of applying to the police force out that way for a while.
    8. mysticmind
      question. can you start a new forum on the topic of gardening and canning? where i live, this would be great. thank you.
    9. fobhomestead
      Do you want ot join us in the E WA/ID MAG group? I would like to start pl;anning to meet up f2f and get some ideas and plans together.
    10. Emerald
      I want to start a thread about critiquing the new colony show but kinda unsure where to put it, any suggestions?
    11. gypsysue
      I wrote a fiction story for the fiction section, but I can't put it in .pdf, so I'd like to email it to you so you can convert it for me so it can be posted. Please let me know where to send it. Thanks!
    12. CVFD_Madman
      Hello NaeKid,
      Hope things are going well for you, love your site. Well, I have a newbie question for you. I would like to start a thread, but cannot find the 'new thread' button. In the FAQs it mentioned I might need permission. Please let me know where that button is located or if need be, please let me know what I need to do to have that permission granted. Thanks.
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    Metal designer / fabricator
    Calgary, AB
    Shaved redhead

    Jeeps, motorbikes, camping and many outdoor persuits


    Its better to be naked with your friends than to be clothed with your enemies. -- Vance

    :bullit: Ready or not, trouble comes. Being prepared for it and having the right attitude to deal with the issues is what makes us prepared. Having stuff is just a bonus!

    :bullit: The problem with society today is that the people who deserve the beating are not given the beating they deserve.