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    1. ladyfox11
      You are not alone I like yourself am on my own, and have been for years.I have been just doing what I can to stock up on things like medical supply's,can goods warm clothes,soaps shampoo,and just to many things to mention!I recently relocated to a small town bought a nice size building that has living quarters,along with plenty of space for storage,Yes my family probably thinks I am crazy but they don't say it,you know why?because even tho they are not strong enough mentally to handle the threats of our future on this planet, if things do get bad,who do you think they are going to be looking to for help to survive the after math!!!Me just like your family will be counting on you.So don't give up kyfarmer,your family's very exsistance may depend on how well you prepared,Good luck to you kyfarmer!
    2. *Andi
      Well... where did you go!!!!!!!!!

      Miss your post!

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    Low end of 50 and jack of all trade's master of none. Plain ol country boy who root's run deep here.

    I like to hunt,ginseng,fish,trap,garden,camp and most anything outdoor's