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Mar 3, 2011
    1. RedDawn
      Hope things going well.
    2. gypsysue
      I know you're probably busy with moving, but I wanted to say "hi" and we miss seeing you around on the forum! We hope everything goes will with the move!

    3. SurvivalNut
      I still have some Egyptian Onion sets, they are excellent for this area and self reproduce. Let me know if you want any.
    4. SurvivalNut
      I am all for having a loose association of a trusted network. Trading plants, seed, or buying goods, watching local deals, having a "safe place" to stop temporarily if bugging out, etc. Once you get settled in, we can discuss more.
    5. wolfwhisper
      Go navy. I spent eight years in the navy up until 1995. would have stayed in longer but my son's dad at the time said i needed walking papers if i stayed. well should of stayed in ended up with the walking papers anyway. Just got back from looking at your site. you are in a good position with the amount of land you have and the area you live. I live in perry georgia 80 miles south of atlanta, on about an acre of land not much to work with there. belongs to my husband he had it before we were married. he does not share my views on prepping and feels i'm freaking out about things, which is not the case by any means. so any prepping done i have to do on my own a little at a time.
      so meeting people on this site to learn and get tips is a big help tp me and making a few friends makes it a little easier to have some one to talk with that share in some of the things of prepping i do.
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    We are a family of 4 who are disabled Veterans (both of us- poor kids!) who are just starting out!

    learning, reading, horseback riding, swimming


    Teaching our children what Patriotism used to mean