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    1. RevWC
      God Bless!
    2. faithmarie
      Bug Out place
    3. HozayBuck
      Well thank you FM, I'm glad you liked it and I hope you read the "foreward" every word the truth...
      About more, I more or less ended that one then did a second story that takes place in Wyo about the same time, and without thinking about it I brought the two together at the end of the I've changed the name to HCJ 2 and only have to bring the two together more and it will be ready.
      In here I think the guys want blood and guts and lots of gun porn etc, all well and good, I intended to write that but you see where it I have a sense of humor and couldn't "not" make it a funny read for the most part... the second is not as funny but has more real people living life in a bad time... when I get it done I'll post it..I also wrote a third that really got into living life with lots of neat folks in it... where they come from is beyond me...again with little B&G..enough to make the point but not too much...
    4. faithmarie
      Thank you HozyBuck.... I will read it today! I just have to find my way around here.
    5. HozayBuck
      Hi FM , HozayBuck here, there is some real good idea forming reading right here in this site ,Young writes loads of stuff , and reading it will give you good ideas...

      I even wrote a story and it's here in PS, it's not much of a shoot em up and in fact has little to do with "HOW" to survive, it's more about how I see things might be after an event... look for "High Country Journal"...I'm shameless, panhandling my story but I'm proud of it...

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    “Read Everything ,
    Listen to Everybody ,
    Don’t Trust Anything
    Unless You Can Prove It
    With Your Own Research “
    -William Cooper
    In other words ... Be a Berean .... Acts 17:11