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    1. Don Warning Orlando
      Don Warning Orlando
      New person here!
      Whats going on in Georgia?
      Know anyone in the central Florida area?
      I pretty much do it all. Outdoor, shooting, hunting, backpacking, camping, all types of suvival interest.
      "Anticipate scenarios and threats"
      Don-Orlando, Fl.
    2. wolfwhisper
      hey what part of georgia aare you in? if you dont mind me asking:) do you know oof others here in georgia that prep? would be great if we can all have a meet and greet.helps to know others with the same ideal of preparing for anything that might or could happen.:wave:
    3. wolfwhisper
      hey there came across a post of yours, it is nice to find someone from georgia. what part of georgia do you leave ? myself Perry georgia, hope to hear from you. I'm just starting to prep myself, helps to know someone in the area that does prepping to.
    4. teresagooch
      Expeditioner..crazy picture *lol* living in south fla. how the heck can I garden around these ants without major contamination of soil. T
    5. Expeditioner
      No worries. If you ever need to purchase gear in the future please keep me in mind. Survival gear is a side business and I do it more for fun and to finance my prep activities.
    6. Bruce P.
      Bruce P.
      I'll pass I have a similar unit it was just to get a spare if you were not able to sell yours
      I'd get it here.
    7. Expeditioner
      I have sold one. If you want I can order you one. I sell at gun shows and have access to all most brands.
    8. Bruce P.
      Bruce P.
      Have you sold your hatchet if not, I.m interested send me a pic.
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