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    1. Ezmerelda
      That's a very good idea with the straws! I know what you mean about the pop-ups. That was always my complaint.

      My Seal-A-Meal melts the mylar before the vacuum has had a chance to get all the air out. But it's helpful if I push as much of the air out as I can before putting on the sealer.

      I saw your post where you included a link to the machine you have, so I've book marked it. Now I know how much I need to save up! :)

      Thank you for all the great information, in this conversation as well as your posts throughout the forum.
    2. Ezmerelda
      Hello, Emerald. We were on a forum together, and the topic of vacuum sealers came up, and you said that yours vacuums and seals mylar bags with no problem. I'm writing because the vacuum sealer I have melts the bag closed before it vacuums the air out. Could you tell me the brand name of the sealer you have?
      I would appreciate the information, so I can get one for myself that will do all that I need it to do.
      Thank you very much.
    3. goshengirl
      Thanks for the info/invite, Emerald. I just checked it out. :)
    4. Salekdarling
      I will definitely check it out! Thanks Emerald!
    5. neldarez
      I also love to look at the pictures of flowers or wildlife!!
    6. neldarez
      Hi Emerald......I just now realized I had messages!! One of them was from May....oh my gosh, I need to be more observant..........I wasn't really sure how to reply to your message ( I mean physically how) I hope this is it...........I'm all 4 a ladies thread.......you betcha!
    7. Salekdarling
      That is a great idea. Man, I'm glad I know someone smarter then me and knows how to work the system. :)
    8. Salekdarling
      Pam got me into it probably a half a year ago. Although, I'm not seeing anything in the swag store worth spending so much time doing surveys! Lol! I'll keep doing it either way until something I like pops up and I have the right amount of swagbucks to get. I wish they'd throw a dehydrator on there in the appliances. :D
    9. Emerald
      Put this dog on
      .//^ ^\\ your page
      (/(_•_)\) to show
      ._/''*''\_ that you are
      (,,,)^(,,,) Against Animal Cruelty
    10. neldarez
      I took a closeup pic of my sisters pink water lily last summer, it's gorgeous. I was going to try to paint or use colored pencil on that one. I've only done a couple of colored pencil but it's kind of fun,
    11. wolfwhisper
      hI emerald My income is limited to a degree. my husband works but think"s I'm freaking out with this prepping thing. So basiclly I'm on my own. The navy always taught me to be prepared for anything.Solar flares, earthquakes, anything can happen one never knows.
    12. sailaway
      It does smeel good, cheese and beef sticks!
    13. skip
      I've been here a while, and going to be here more in the future. Seems like Idig has been taken over by a bunch of right wing idiots. I'm pretty conservative on some issues, but not on everything.
    14. skip
      Hey, Em.

      reavilh from Idig.
    15. sailaway
      I keep my boat my boat @ CP and go in the park regularly. I love all the coasters, especially Millenium and Top Dragster. Soak City has been a great way to stay cooled off the last couple of weeks. Cheese Haven is the cheese place your thinking about in P.C. It's the only place in the states I know of that sells Black Diamond Cheese. (Canadian)
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