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    1. the_examined_life
      I'm new to the forum and I'm hit and miss on here... I really don't know how to do it. I Haven't been asked as of yet to try it myself.
    2. doc66
      I was among other things, LEO for 13 years, SWAT officer, training office, firearms instructor, and FTO for my department and just generally like to shoot. We've had a couple of shootings with shtguns on the SWAT team, suicide attempts, and shootings in general with shotguns, and none of them killed anyone.

      Perhaps after this class is done (Tuesday, YEAH) I'll make up a little post.
    3. Vertigo
      Hey doc66,

      I'm not going to continue the debate on that thread, because there it was a bit out of place. My mistake.

      Anyway, if I may inquire, how come you know so much about the effects of (shot)gunfire? Have you been in law enforcement or something?

      I must say, with your last post, I was scratching my head, because if it is correct what you said, a lot I thought I knew about shotguns appears to wrong or incomplete. Maybe you could post a new thread about them, where you explain more detailed. I am always happy to learn new things!

      greetings and take care,

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