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    1. Emerald
      Andi! Just stopping in to say I did not forget you all ! I try to peek every day even if I don't post! Plus I want to say that my seeds are nice and dry but I am thinking that with my back procedure that is coming up next week that maybe we should shoot for a January seed swap.. does that sound okay? I'm gonna be in poor shape for a couple weeks and then it will be the holidays and I will have a clear handle on shipping and such in January as there is not that much going on that month for me.. I think that I will have plenty to trade with. See ya around and posting! :flower:
    2. Lake Windsong
      Lake Windsong
      Thanks Andi, I'll try to visit here more often. :)
    3. Jimmy24
      Got in a tiff with another member. Took me a while to get over it. I'm back some. Thanks for checking.
    4. Emerald
      OH man I just had a head slapping idea! I can just start a Women's group over in social groups can't I.. I guess I just needed that second cup of coffee!
    5. Emerald
      I was wondering -since there are so many women on this forum (compared to other prepping forums) if we could have a small section just for women and womens preps.. like delivering babies-menopause-that time of the month and what are gals planning? or if they have planned at all.. not that the men couldn't read or even join in but where the gals here can discuss the difficulties of SHTF for us... Just a thought.
    6. UncleJoe
      Thanks Andi.
    7. Ezmerelda
      Yes, I've been busy worrying and applying for any job I have even a tiny shot at. But God answers prayers, and my husband starts work on the 25th. And we still have nearly a year's worth of food storage still. So, we're doing OK, and I thank you for your concern. :)
    8. efbjr
      Thank you for the info. I got my thread started just fine. Hope all your cows are contented! :)
    9. efbjr
      Hi Andi !

      I want to start a thread but I cannot locate the "Start Thread" button. Help!

    10. Jimmy24
      Sorry I shouldn't have said anything...But thanks for your good advice.
    11. kejmack
      Thanks for the comment on my picture. Bullet is 22 yrs old and weighs about 80#. He is an odd kind of pet for a homesteader, but I love him. Esther
    12. OldCootHillbilly
      *Andi............Help...........I'm in a time warp er somthin! Just posted a reply in a vacuum sealer thread an says I did so at 6:01 am?! An it says I'm offline? What'd I do?

      Rev. Coot
    13. Journey
      Aww, thanks. I've been meaning to but (as is expected) there are a lot of comments showing I/we really don't belong, being on disability among other things. Some of the information really is wonderful though (it's the meat canning thread that drew me in), so in the end I've just been lurking. *blush*
    14. IrritatedWithUS
      Thank You.
      He fought cancer for 15 years and we think he had it again. Then he had a stroke and was partially paralyzed on one side. I think he was just tired of fighting.
    15. twiggie
      I'm around when I can be. ^_^
    16. twiggie
      I haven't gone anywhere that I know of. Why?
    17. dulcimerlady
      Still alive & kicking. Have a child with a chronic illness that took a bad turn a while back. But things are getting back on track and she's feeling better. Thanks for checking in on me. ~~
    18. Magus
      Sup bud?I haven't had a friend request since Jeephammer two years back.LOL
    19. wallstwench
      Not really sure. Must have been a group yo belonged to or something you said in a post. I befriended a few people when I first signed up so I could try and make friends and learn faster.
    20. Jason
      Been meaning to tell you...I really like that bear pic you're using for your avatar.
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