Clapper ... A Nazi By Any Other Name ...

Clapper ... A Nazi By Any Other Name ...
OffgridSid, Jan 15, 2014
    • BlueZ
      Other than being evil, Himmler was also incredibly incompetent as a military leader and checked himself into a Santorium for exhaustion when the Soviets were less than 100 miles form Berlin, while his soldiers were dieing left and right from lack of access to medical care!

      That was when General Gotthard Heinrici took over Army Group Vistula which consisted of two armies: the 3rd Panzer Army led by General Hasso von Manteuffel and the 9th Army led by General Theodor Busse. and then proceeded to make the soviets pay dearly in rivers of blood for every inch!

      For some reason Heinrici never was one of those famous German "pop" generals... when in his own way he was as brilliant as Rommel IMO.
      But I guess men who win defense battles get little attention from the history writers...
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