This weighs 5 pounds exactly. if you take out pedi liquid meds, then it shaves a whole pound. The outside pouch: 8 pairs of gloves: 4 thick latex, 4 thin nitril. Wet wipes 15 in big pouch, 3 individual Packet of gum (psychological help only) Small bandage shears Pedi meds: ibuprofen, Benadryl, Tylenol. More room to fit a few more things. Pouch 1: 3 oz of hand sanitizer Half bar of soap Koolaid pouch (I will make these Gatorade pouches eventually) Pouch 2: 3 tongue depressors (many uses) Scope mouth wash Anti itch cream Hand sanitizer pen Pouch 3: Tooth floss Blue star ointment (ring worms) Triple antibiotic ointment with pain relief 6 rolls of Tums (one still in the bag) Bite relief stick Pouch 4: Deodorant Insect repellent sticks 4 mini pads Pouch 5: Razor tooth paste Thermometer Trauma pouch: (has plenty of room left) Lighter Vasaline Cold compress (standing in for quick clot only...cold compresses are worthless!!) 6" ace bandage 2 rubber tourniquets 4 occlusive dressings 3 kerlix rolls 2, 1" tape 4 oz of hibiclens (wound wash: anti microbial, aseptic) 4 oz 91% iso alcohol Epsom salt Alcohol pads 3 loafs of 4x4's 5, sterile 2x2's 4, sterile 5x9's

Aliaysonfire, Oct 8, 2013
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