Zombie Fortification Brought to You By Tiger Log Cabins

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    Fortifying your home against intrusion is going to be a key component to ensure your survival when the SHTF. There are a lot of steps you can take in order to ensure your home is ready, but many of these fortifications come with drawbacks. For example, adding bars to windows can create a safety hazard in the event a fire breaks out, blocking pathways to escape and possibly resulting in loss of life. Along the same lines, adding foliage with heavy thorns to create obstacles to entry can also present a problem in the event of a need to exit through an area blocked by such foliage, not to mention their thorns making their way into tires that will be imperative to keep vehicles operational when TEOTWAWKI strikes.

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    With so much to consider when it comes time to secure your home or dwelling against unwanted intruders or invaders, it can be a daunting task to even begin the process. Instead of racking your own brain and perusing the internet for ideas that may be difficult to bring to fruition on your own, it may be useful to seek professional expertise. Whether it is your construction and building skills that might be lacking or your ability to see the big picture that needs work, there are options for getting the necessary assistance.

    One such example is the ZFC-1 Zombie Fortification Cabin. Regardless of whether or not you believe the threat of a zombie apocalypse is imminent, this cabin boasts advantages of which it is worth taking note. For starters, this $110,000 log cabin made by Tiger Log Cabins utilizes weapon storage, an escape hatch, and an elevated deck that gives you a circular view of threats as they approach. To keep those threats out is a barbed wire barrier sure to snag and tear at any flesh, undead or otherwise, that comes into contact with it. In the event this barbed wire is cut or scaled, however, there is an anti-climb mechanism in place to keep intruders at ground level. Also present are three total interior areas which are independent of one another and can be separated by locked doors. Building materials used in the construction of the Zombie Fortification Cabin are high quality and heavy duty, reinforced to keep all that you hold dear safe inside.

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    In addition to being the ultimate survival fortress, this cabin has some of the creature comforts we have grown to know and love. These include running water and bathroom areas as well as a fully functional kitchen complete with a microwave. There is even a living room with television, video game console, and a sound system; whether or not you will have Wifi to fully enjoy these devices is anyone's guess, however. On a more practical note, there is a protected garden area in which you can grow food--when you're not busy playing Xbox, that is.

    Another interesting feature of the ZFC-1 is the 10 year guarantee that accompanies it. This may sound promising, but the fact of the matter is that there is no way to truly enforce it. After all, when TEOTWAWKI occurs, it isn't like someone will be answering the phones at Tiger Log Cabins and promising to send someone right over to solve your zombie or other type of emergency. On this guarantee, you will simply have to take them at their word and hope to never need it.

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    For many, it is not practical to spend $110,000 on this super cabin, especially considering the added expense you are likely to incur due to the fact that the company is located in Britain. That does not mean this cabin and others like it are a bust, however. Even if your budget does not allow for such an investment, there is plenty that can be learned from structures of this type. If you cannot or do not wish to make such a cabin your own personal reality, there are plenty of things we can learn from it in order to bulk up our own properties with survival in mind.

    Is your home and property ready to stand safe and secure when the SHTF? Are there other changes and adaptations you have planned still in need of completion? Or is a zombie cabin the way to go? Let us know in the comments!

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