You Have to Know Where you are Going to get There

  1. Caseyboy
    That should be self evident, but how many people do you know who are like a dog chasing his tail? They keep going around in circles and can’t seem to get anything done. I’ll give you an example of what I mean.

    Let’s say that you suddenly come into a great deal of money and your expenses are no longer a problem. You decide to go on a long globe-hopping trip. You pack a small bag, you know, toothbrush and a few miscellaneous items, you don’t have to take much remember, money is no object so you plan to buy everything as you go, and you will obtain it as the need arises?

    Therefore, you are all packed and ready to go in moments and you arrive at the airport. You ask the airline ticket agent to sell you a ticket. You thrust a wad of cash at him. What do you think the ticket agent will ask you?

    Where are you going? If you cannot tell that person where you are going no matter how much money you have to spend they will not sell you a ticket. Does that make sense?

    Life is like that. You cannot carry out anything to a satisfactory conclusion unless you know where you’re going with your “Life Journey.” Once you know what it is and you understand what is your goal (whatever it is you have decided to do) you can go as far as you want to with it. First and foremost however, you have to decide where it is you’re going.

    Many years ago, I had to make a decision to do something that was physically and mentally challenging. Not many people were able to do what I was faced with. However, some did make it and that was enough to convince me I could too. It was after all what I really needed to know to convince myself I could do it too. If so and so could do it, so could I. I knew at that moment what it was I wanted to do and that was all it took except for one more thing. I knew once I started I could never quit. Never give up. If you quit or give up regardless of the goal, you will never finish anything. Therefore it is a truth that it is impossible to finish anything if you quit.

    As a boy, during my early years, before I turned five, I used to hang around an old Indian man who was probably close to a hundred years old at the time. I visited with him every chance I got and I am sure I bothered him a great deal, but he allowed it because we liked each other. His name was White Feather. He lived with an old woman who I only remember as Mama Yoqum and she was a slave in the old south when she was a young woman. She pointed out the scar on her ankle to me one day from the chains she wore. He was an Indian Warrior during the Plains Wars in the Southwest.

    White Feather taught me a tremendous amount of small mental things I could use that would help me out in any situation as those same small techniques had done for him all his years. He had the scars on his chest from when he was hung during the purification ceremony and it was on that day he told me that he began to learn. He told me the Great Spirit filled him with everything he needed to know that would carry him through the rest of his life on that day if he remained a man with honor. Honor and the need to learn was all a person needed. That stuck in my mind for the rest of my life.

    In my fourth month of my fifth year, my father died. A Japanese destroyer located the sub he was on and with multiple attacks of depth charges my father’s submarine went to a watery grave in the South Pacific Ocean. Less than a year later, my mother was dead as well. I never saw White Feather again because I was interred in the Saint Anthony Home for Orphans just outside San Diego, California until I was nine years old.

    The lessons I learned are being imparted to you in bits and pieces here if you care to pay attention. I suppose I had an advantage over some because I had no one to turn to as I was growing up. I did meet some of my family later on in life and was able to mend some of the things in my mind I did not know about. Little things that don’t mean much to anyone else except me, such as what was my mother’s birth date, and when she laughed how did it sound? I have two pictures of her and to me she was very pretty. I just wish I knew more about her.

    As a child growing up, it was a different story, and one that has left scars on my mind that is joined by others that I live with every day. The hurt and the loneliness that I suffered as a child was put there for me to make me grow strong like an oak and to make me resolute in my mind for the other hurts and pains that would come later in life. The same Great Spirit that I was told about by White Feather as a boy put these things in place for me. At least that is what I believe because White Feather told me so and he was a man of honor.

    You must direct your sights at what it is that you want, and you must go to that goal as an arrow flies toward a target in order to succeed at anything. Life is not fair, people are not fair, and those who will cause you the most of the harm that comes into your life will come from those closest to you. Your friends and your family will sometimes be your worst causes of pain and disappointment. There is an old saying that describes it best, “Your own fleas will cause the worst bites.”

    Stay focused, you have to know where you are going in order to get there, do not be side tracked in your quest, listen to your personal guide in your head and believe in it. If you expect to survive what lays ahead, you will have to stay guided from within and stay strong as the oak tree. It will not be easy but the best things in life are always laced with difficulty and sometimes considerable pain.


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