Weapons are Tools

  1. Geistmacher

    Almost everyone has seen the TV commercials that show a wonder tool that can fit every nut and bolt, every screw, and allow you to fix every broken part on you car, and still fit in your pocket. As most handymen know, there is no such practical tool.

    Weapons are tools. Each performs a specific task very well, and other task not so well.

    In a survival situation there are a couple tools that make life much easier.

    First is the human body, and the knowledge and wisdom it contains.

    This tool will allow you to make all other tools and use them efficiently. This tool, once supplied with training, needs only food and water to function. This tool will get you food without using up irreplaceable ammo. My tool is a lifetime of very special training and experience.

    Second is the knife.

    A strong knife with a full wide tang through the handle, with no artsy cut outs in the metal. This is the tool that will help you make a shelter, fire, and prepare food much easier than using your teeth. The knife needs to be big enough to do the job and not so big as to be cumbersome. It should have a cross guard to protect the fingers and a grip that is not slippery when wet. The blade should be sharp enough to cut without hacking, as the knife is not a good club. This tool needs occasional care to protect it from corrosion, and sharpening to enhance it's function. The range of the knife is limited to just beyond the reach of the user. The knife does not run out of ammo nor make much noise in it's use. My choices are the Tekut Ares Combat and the Tekut Ares Folder. The handles are G10. The blade is heavy, strong, and the steel the best I have seen in any knife for the price. The blades are a Chromium, Vanadium, Molybdenum based stainless, with a Titanium Nitride flat black coating. Workmanship is excellent and the knives come hair shaving sharp. I added a Leatherman Wave tool as well to my kit.

    Third is the staff.

    A long stout stick will give you comfort on a hike. The staff can be attached to the knife to further the knife's reach. The staff can be used with lethal results in defense of your person against less armed assailants, or animals. The staff is quiet, like the knife. The staff can support you in rough or soft terrain. You can get a staff using the knife and in almost every environment. My staff is made from Persimmon wood, urethane coated and with a steel spike and ferule. I wrapped the handle with 550 black paracord.

    Fourth is the firearm.

    This is the subject of greatest contention in the survival community. It seem everyone has a favorite firearm.

    In choosing the firearm, one should first look at the purpose it will fill. If you are hunting, a small concealable derringer will not do very well. If you need a deep cover firearm for concealment and defense while in public, the 12 gauge shotgun is not going to do well. If you are planning on surviving a firefight against multiple enemies, then that .22 Cal rifle is going to be useless. No one gun will do it all. Some guns will do several things well. A firearm is always better than a sharpened stick until you are out of ammo. Firearms make noise. Noise can spell disaster if you are detected. Remember you must know your firearm well, and shoot it well. A miss with a 7mm magnum rifle at 200 yards is still a miss, and a hit in the brain with a .22 rim fire pistol at 200 yards is still a hit.

    These are my choices for one man, to two man, mobility, your mileage will vary. This list is not the best or the only as your choices need to fit your specific needs and environment.

    .22 Cal pistol, Ruger 22/45 in stainless steel.

    This is a pistol I shoot very well. A proper neck shot on a deer will drop it like a rock at greater ranges than most will believe possible. The pistol is small and light weight. The five hundred rounds of ammo takes up little room and weighs less than most "Assault Rifles." This is a hunting weapon when the noise is not a problem. I choose this weapon on the bases of weight, ammo supply, and effective hunting range. I am choosing heavy woodlands and wetlands for my survival environment. This pistol will be plenty for the job.

    5.56 mm Nato M4 carbine.

    My rifle is set up with a rail top, no sights. I added Wilson Combat flip up front and rear sights. I put a half inch riser under a non-magnifying red dot type optic. The sights when up, are dead center of the optic and allows me to use both without removing either. This came out like a work of art. This rifle is set up for close firepower in a defensive capacity. I choose my environment to match the rifle's limitations. 240 rounds of ammo rounds out the package. I choose not to put lights or lasers on the rifle. Just like the tracer ammo, lights and lasers work both ways. The rifle is very light compared to many other choices, and the ammo is readily available and in this case interchangeable with .223 cal. Overall the ammo is light and effective at great range.

    .45 ACP Model 1911.

    This weapon is for close defense and concealment. 50 rounds of ammo. This is a proven firearm for defensive purposes. Enough said.

    Do not forget to include tools, spare parts, and cleaning kit for the firearms. If it does not go bang, it is not much good as a spear. Remember that without resupply of ammo, the firearms will soon be useless. Be prepared to use the old ways of hunting with snare and primitive weapons. Waste not, want not.

    My opinion for what it is worth.

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