We are destroying our culture and country by our vote

  1. Caseyboy
    I don’t consider myself anyone special or exceptional. I’m simply an old guy who has managed to get by in a world full of vipers, thieves and liars successfully. I am much like you in that I consider myself lucky, because, I managed to make it through the thick of it one more day.

    I’ve been lucky; I’ve been around the world a couple of times, largely without any serious mishaps. During those travels it has been my fortune to have met a lot of different people. Most of them were just like you and me. They had families, expectations for themselves and their friends and family, and although many of their customs were different from what I was accustomed to, their dress and language was unlike mine, we were pretty much the same in just about every way. Which brings me to a trait in the American people, who I like to think I understand well.

    We have been blessed with an abundance of almost everything. The majority of Americans enjoy enough money to have more than one car, several TVs in their homes. A house to live in and not a hut made out of sticks and stones with no glass in the windows and a dirt floor. Access to emergency services with just three buttons on their phones, 911, and we are rescued from a variety of urgent circumstances.

    Burglary’s, accidents, all manner of emergencies. Oh, yes, a great deal of us have phones too. I could go on and on about what we have, but I think most of you understand we as Americans have it pretty good in terms of a status compared to the rest of the world. That is one of the primary reasons people clamor to get here. They risk their lives in fact. What we have more than tangibles is, a freedom the rest of the world does not have or can enjoy to the fullest.

    This brings me to the point I wanted to make. Why do our voters vote for so many thieves to control what we do and think? Those con-men and women, liars, outright crooks and most assuredly the bottom of the barrel individuals who have ever graced the earth; those who want to destroy one of the best systems that has ever been conceived by people, and a system that has afforded Americans such largess in everything, why then, would anyone want to see that come to an end? Why would citizens of a great country such as America do so many things to give away their very sovereignty?

    Would you allow someone who was armed and was breaking into your home to go about their business without so much as a word of protest? Instead, lay out a spread of food for them and welcome them with open arms? Take out your wallet and give them your money? Allow them to live in your home rent-free, pay the utilities for their comfort and take their garbage out for them? Make sure they were comfortable and pay their medical expenses for them? Send them to school and help them in every way possible just because they were only trying to break into your home to rob you. Hire all kinds of services specially tailored for their betterment? On top of all that, pay them handsomely to remain in your home because after all you have more than they do, and they are “Entitled” to what is yours. After all, only a selfish person would consider what they worked for was theirs exclusively.

    Two people were strapped into electric chairs, with their heads shaved bald, and were administered a couple thousand volts of electricity that coursed through their bodies because they stole and gave the secrets of the Atomic Bomb to Russia. It was June 19, 1953, and they were fried for stealing those state secrets and handing those secrets over to an avowed enemy. Today, we will reward those domestic enemies with lucrative terms in office, to live in absolute luxury like a billionaire and laud them for their selfless service to you and me. I don’t get it. We elect them to offices to serve us, and they don’t do what they promised they would on our behalf, they give our treasury away by the trainloads, lie to us, cheat us, pass laws that remove our rights from us, and they come around every two, four, or six years with their hats in their hand and asked us to do it again. They continually beg us to donate money to them, and amazing as it sounds, we do it, and we reelect them to our offices of trust. That’s bad, but how about this?

    We allow them to have our children for eight to ten hours a day. In many cases this is more time with our kids than we get out of every twenty-four hours. We trust them to teach our children honest and verifiable facts backed up by history, how to calculate simple arithmetic problems, to read and write using proven grammatical principles, to understand where certain countries are on this earth, to learn about the sciences and in essence, how to make it in the world someday as an adult. What we get in return is an indoctrination based on a political theory which has in fact been proven to have been the cause of millions upon millions of murders of the citizenry all over the world, and has caused starvation, unspeakable suffering and yet, it is taught to our children as a panacea for what’s wrong with America.

    That isn’t the only thing they teach our kids. They instruct them with subtleties about how cool it is to be a pervert. To kill their young without any remorse because after all it isn’t really a living thing simply an inconvenience or a mistake. They encourage a belief that their own country is something to be ashamed of and pride in the country and its accomplishment’s is false because everything we are, and have accomplished is all based on fraud, deceits, murder and thievery. Pledging allegiance to the flag is akin to admitting we are corrupt as a nation. Also, important I think is the indoctrination practices they teach of believing we as a nation owe certain segments of the population some sort of compensations for things no one is alive today who took part in any of the actions they are convinced we owe for.

    So, we ask ourselves, why do we continually elect people who seem to be by their very actions on our behalf doing everything they can to sink our nation. To bankrupt its treasury, run the debt up to a level that will cause a calamitous collapse of the monetary system, to strip all of its citizens of its rights in increments, and to insure we give our sovereignty away to foreign invaders and require our own taxpayers to foot the bill for it all. It is a national insanity and most of all it is a widespread and internal shame that we allow any of it for a single day. I remind you, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg paid with their lives for their treason against America. Isn’t it time we went back to putting consequences back into crime against we the people?

    Don't blame the politicians for what they do, blame the voters for being so incredibly stupid for voting for these crooks.


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