Utilizing Battery Operated LED Motion Lights

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    With the presence of flashlights and light given off by camp fires as well as the sun, it may be tough to imagine being truly lost without light. Since there are a lot of portable light options, you may not feel that there is a need for yet another. While in some cases this may be true, there is one case in which having another type of light source could be quite beneficial to you.

    When the SHTF, perhaps you will be lucky enough to find yourself able to remain in your home. This could be for days, weeks, or even longer, and the rest of the world may not be quite so lucky. As desperation sets in, people may start to stalk your place to see what you have that they do not have. This could result in theft of items that are of great value to you or it could even result in injury or death to yourself or someone else. When the power goes out, preventative measures such as security cameras and home alarm systems will not do a lot of good to deter people from sneaking around and trying to invade your home. Loss of power will also prevent you from being able to utilize the early detection systems which would normally make the outside world visible to you, thus making it harder to see threats before they become active. Generators might help for a while but there are lots of things in need of power and at some point you may have to make a choice.


    An inexpensive warning system that draws attention to that which might be lurking around your home is motion lights. The range can be set on motion lights so that they trigger when something gets within the distance you deem appropriate. A blast of light will not hurt or kill anyone, but it may remind them that you are not going to sit back and be an easy target. Being awash with light also leads to recognition, and that makes moving from your place to the dark house down the road a lot more logical to the criminal element.


    What about electricity as a power source for motion lights? Yes, the old standby versions do run on electricity. They are also available with battery backups; just think back to being in the high school gym during a power outage when those bright lights came and stayed on for several hours. That option still exists, but better yet are LED motion lights that run on battery power.


    Battery operated LED motion lights are great for a lot of reasons. Since they run on battery power, they do not require wiring, there is no need to stay close to an electrical source and can be mounted just about anywhere. The life of a battery in an LED light is signifigantly longer than in that of a standard light. They also come with features that prevent them from coming on during daylight hours and wasting precious battery power. Versions exist that rotate 360 degrees in addition to tilting up and down. They also come in many different styles such as porch lights and walkway illumination, which go well with decor as they do not look like a traditional motion light. Best of all, however, is that they will not let you down when the electric company does.


    Motion lights that run off of battery power are not just good to have around your home. If you toss one in your BOB and find yourself stranded in darkness, you can position the light near you to alert to anyone or anything that might approach. Stranded on the side of the road in darkness? Affix a motion light to your car to light up when someone approaches, be they friend or foe.


    Even though most lights are set up to attach with screws and such, necessity is the mother of invention. While hardware is fine for attaching motion lights to your home, it might take a little creativity to place them elsewhere, such as in wooded areas or to vehicles. That is where some other survival essentials come into play, such as paracord and duct tape. Regardless of where you put a battery operated motion light and how you get it into position, having light to alert you to intruders upon your area is a survival advantage worth having.


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