Uses for Aluminum Foil

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    Is aluminum foil part of your survival stockpile? If not, put it on the list of things to add! There are many uses for aluminum foil and it can serve you well to have some around. It is also cheap, so picking up a few rolls will not set you back too much, especially when you consider the things for which you can use it.

    The first and most obvious use for aluminum foil is cooking. It is great for wrapping cooked foods and helping them retain their heat until they can be eaten. You can also use it as food storage by wrapping items for consumption at a later time. If you are camping, be it by choice or because the SHTF, you can make utensils out of foil and sticks. With those same items, you can create a makeshift cooking surface by spanning a piece of foil between two sticks and holding it over a heat source. It is not ideal, but it gets the job done.


    If you have young trees growing in your yard that you perhaps hope to see live long enough to bear fruit, protect them with aluminum foil. During the winter, deer, rodents, goats, cattle, and many other animals will eat tree bark for sustenance. You many never run into a wild goat or cow, but animals do escape and escaped animals still like to eat. This can be particularly hard for a young tree to survive put if you wrap foil around the trunk during cold months, you will make your tree much less tasty, resulting in animals leaving it alone. Remove the foil once the winter consumption threats are gone and let it continue to grow uninhibited until the weather gets cold once again.


    Aluminum foil can also repel pests from gardens. If you place sheets of foil glossy side down beneath your mulch, it will prevent pests from making their way on to your growing food and possibly consuming and/or destroying it. This is convenient in the absence of products like Boric Acid or Diatomaceous Earth, or if you are opposed to using such products. By the same token, it is rumored that having visible aluminum foil in your garden deters birds from dropping in and paying your vegetables a visit. I say 'rumored' because I am not entirely sure I believe this personally. Granted different bird species behave and react differently to stimulus, but every tame bird I have ever encountered has gone directly for my shiny stuff such as earrings, watches, and rings, so I am hesitant to put faith in foil as a bird repellant. Feel free to comment your experience if you've tried it.


    If you have a device that over time begins to fail at holding batteries in place, you can fix this problem with aluminum foil. It is necessary for a battery to fit snuggly so that all of the contact points line up. If the spring wears out that presses the battery in place, for example, then your device might not work or will only work intermittently. To solve this problem, fold a small section of aluminum foil and position it in a manner that allows your battery to make contact as needed to regain its function.

    Aluminum foil is just another something you might want to have on hand due to having multiple purposes. In addition to the uses above, you can also clean pots, pans, or grills with it and can even use it to sharpen knives or scissors. There are a lot of supply items we think of when survival comes up, and aluminum foil is one more possibility to add to your list.

    **While wrapping potatoes in foil has long been a personal practice of mine, it has been mentioned that there are dangers associated with this practice. Do so only at your own risk.**

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