Use Discarded Trash to Create an Early Warning System

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    It has become an unfortunate trend amongst the lazy to litter. Regardless of where you go, you are almost certain to see trash strewn about. The most commonly discarded items seem to be cans and bottles, but they are by no means alone in the land of litter. While it is a natural reaction to be repulsed by litter and want to put trash in its place, perhaps the carelessness of others can serve a beneficial purpose at just the right place during the right time. No one wants to live in or see a world heaped in garbage, but if such a world does exist, we might as well make the most of it.


    When the time comes to bug out, perhaps you will find yourself holed up alone in an unexpected location. The best laid plans can go awry, after all, so even though you had a nice, comfortable, secure bunker in mind, you may not make it to that destination. Instead you could be forced to survive alone in less than ideal conditions. You might not know the area where you wind up and there may be unknown individuals moving about, unknown individuals that you might prefer to keep unknown, and keep at a distance.

    Since there it can be difficult to keep suspicious transients at bay, you might want to take some steps in creating an early warning system to let you know if they are getting too close for comfort. Sure, you can keep an eye on anyone unsavory, but you have to sleep sometime, and you may not be able to see them very well in the dark. With these potential issues in mind, it is time to get busy collecting trash, specifically the loudest, noisiest trash you can find.


    In your BOB should be some kind of rope. For this purpose most any thin rope will do, but fishing line is ideal due to its near transparency. As night falls, take your fishing line and thread it through or tie it around each piece of the trash you have collected. The goal here is to basically make a garland of trash that will act as a trip wire. When someone stumbles through the trash garland, the rattle of the trash will play a role in alerting you that someone, or something, is approaching. Alternatively, if you have access to large quantities of trash, you can scatter it about you, but someone who is trying to sneak up on you will most likely see a large trash accumulation and go around to try to traverse it quietly. A trash trip line, on the other hand, they may not see until it is too late and sound has been created. Submerge your trash stringer as best you can in foliage to hide it from plain view and wait for the sound of approach to fall upon your ears.


    In order to survive, it is important to take advantage of every opportunity that falls at your feet. That opportunity may come in the form of trash. Do with it what you will, but using trash as an early warning system can aid you in being aware of your surroundings and what might be approaching, be it dangerous animal or dangerous human.

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