Urban Warfare Primer: 3 Risky Squad Formations

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    There are all different levels of prepping. There is simple seasonal disaster prepping to all out SHTF scenarios that curdle the blood. Squad tactics and urban warfare survival are definitely subjects for serious SHTF scenarios. Better safe than sorry. Also, the subject
    is darn interesting and you see urban conflicts exploding everywhere.

    In fact most combat will take place in urban and semi urban terrain as the world population continues to grow. Not just is their less open land but cities give defenders maximum concealment and the highest chance of successfully engaging and delaying a stronger enemy. Whole armies have gone up in smoke trying to tame cities. They are expensive in both time and manpower and would best be avoided if possible in high risk violent situations.

    So what do you do?

    Well the Marine Corp Warfighting Laboratory published Urban Patrolling, Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures as a key component of urban warfare survival. If anyone understands the dangers and challenges of urban fighting, it is the Marine Corps of the United States. Time and time again they go into extreme danger in these constricted environments for this country.

    Hopefully we will never find ourselves in an invasion or angry mob situation where we are held up as defenders in an urban environment or forced to enter a hostile city. That is on the short list of worst case scenarios. If somehow we do, there some things to consider for survival in combat operations. According to the Marine Corp manual, there are three scenarios which are sure fire ways to get killed. These involve how approaching squads move as they traverse urban streets.

    Bunched Up

    The most obvious is being bunched up. If you have to enter urban environments or are protecting yourself, a group of combatants all bunched up at street level make a high percentage target. The changes of hitting your target are very high sense the targets are densely packed. You also have to deal with the fact that an entrenched enemy will quickly move into positions around you and you could quickly get surrounded. This is basic war theory. An enemy will always try to outflank and surround you. The city gives them maximum concealment to do so, as they can choose street or elevated positions against you in all directions.

    Duck Patrolling

    This is not much better. This is multiple squads following each other in a nice convenient row. This makes a nice compact target for an insurgent group to do tremendous damage to a lot of people at once. As a general rule, large exposed groups on foot are not conducive to survival in an urban theater. You are also completely exposed from fire in every direction including street, elevated positions, and underground.


    This is when squads are on parallel streets, maybe a block apart. It is not as lethal as being bunched up but it does put you in a position for an enemy to converge on you from all directions since you are concentrated in a relatively constricted area.

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