Tired of the Anarchy

  1. Caseyboy
    This is what most of us thinking Americans know:
    The anarchists and BLM are going to go nuts in November and that is when the proverbial you know what will hit the fan. This is coming to a head and the reason it has escalated is that Democrats allowed it to happen, and encouraged it. Then they refused to prosecute. They will pay not only in losing their jobs in November but when the shooting starts to get serious, their blood will join those who believe they are untouchable. The word racism will go down as a joke and will be scoffed at for a decade or more. It's going to lose its connotations toward anything derogatory. It has been abused and used as a weapon against people who don't deserve it.

    The domestic enemy tried impeachment and that didn't work. Then they attempted to sell a bullcrap story about the Russians to Americans. When that didn't work, Wuhan China infected a select few, in conjunction with leading Democrats, spreading the Virus around the world to cause economic hardship and panic. That worked for a while. Now, that is becoming crystal clear, it isn't as big a deal as they wanted us to believe it was. So, the riots began.

    It isn't too hard to stir up a race of people who have the IQ of a cockroach into believing they are subjected to semi-slavery status because they won't educate themselves, learn the English language, and use it properly, take responsibility for their offspring, and choose instead to live off the benevolence of a working-class population, mostly white. They choose to steal instead, wind up in jail, and blame others for their stupidity of choices. I for one am sick and tired of the constant whining and crying they are discriminated against because of their color. People generally don't care much for deadbeats and thieves.

    They have had preferential treatment for almost 50 years. It has been a 'head of the line' mentality. When they are offered an opportunity to dig themselves out of a hole they were mired in for a century and a half, they spit in your face, lay on your couch, eat your food, have you pay for their education, lower the grades so they can pass the test a monkey could manage to get a passing grade, degrade the professions because of that erosion of educational quality, have a kid every year, and make you pay to raise them, I say enough is enough. America's white population gave up a part of their rights at the point of a bayonet of National Guardsmen to enable them to have the opportunity we all enjoyed. Then the thanks we get is the knock-out game and they burn down our cities. It is time to take them on and see how they like it when people begin to shoot back. As a society of people, Americans seldom do that, but we can. Remember WW2, Korea, Vietnam et al. We will fight back, and have a track record to prove it.


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