The Many Scenarios for which it Pays to Prep

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    Each day that we wake up to find the world the way we left it the night before is to most of us a positive thing. The lack of TEOTWAWKI having occurred yet gives us that little bit of extra time to prepare. When it comes to getting ready to face a potentially catastrophic event, having more time to get ready is never bad. Whether you still need to gather a few supplies or get your mind right to face what's to come, knowing it is still possible to get those things done before crunch time comes can be reassuring.

    Despite the comfort of the status quo, it is easy to become complacent when you prep for something that does not come. You may also find yourself becoming an easy target for non-preppers who mock your efforts, chastising you for what they might consider a waste of time and energy. It is at times like that when we need to remember the real reasons we prep. Sure, a volcano might erupt or a tidal wave might wash ashore causing mass destruction, but it is also possible that we could face a plethora of small things instead...small things for which we are ready.

    A good example of a scenario in which prepping pays off is job loss or sudden financial instability. In a day and age when jobs are hard to come by, no one wants to lose the one they have, yet it happens. Living on unemployment is tough as it pays a mere fraction normal wages and savings can be exhausted quite quickly. This is where all that prepping comes in handy as you will have food and water to sustain you as well as hopefully a skill or something else to barter to get anything else you may need to survive.

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    Car trouble can be a problem whether or not there are zombies chasing you. It could be a broken serpentine belt or a flat tire that leaves you stranded, but having that emergency kit in your car sure will come in handy. Either you will have the supplies to fix your issue or you will have supplies to get you through until help arrives.

    Natural disasters happen all the time. Technology has enabled us to know a lot about weather phenomenon as it heads our way, but that weather cannot be redirected. You are still going to have to ride it out, possibly without power and running water. Beyond that, it may take weeks or months to recover, a time period during which preppers will be fine while others struggle. Whether it is a nasty thunderstorm that downs a tree and darkens your neighborhood or a hurricane that stomps all over your town, you as a prepper are ready.

    People do bad things to one another every day. In recent times there has been an alarming trend when it comes to people killing police officers and seeking excuses to loot or riot. Even on a smaller scale crime is prevalent. Since you never know what might occur, being prepared is essential. Whether it is your home, your car, or your person you need to defend, you will have the know-how to do so and will already have taken the necessary precautions to give you the best survival chance possible.

    Accidents and health emergencies are another issue we may all face unexpectedly at some point in time. As a prepper, you probably already have a healthy stock of first aid supplies as well as knowledge of how to use them. This can really pay off when you are out of reach of medical care and have to take care of yourself or someone else who has become vulnerable. The average non-prepper may not be able to say the same.

    Most of all prepping gives us peace of mind. If a day never comes that the SHTF, then so be it, but the knowledge that you are ready for it is comforting. Whether or not the world around you ever crumbles in chaos, you as a prepper will have a greatly increased possibility of surviving. You will be able to forge on because you had the fortitude to come up with a plan to get ready and followed through in implementing it regardless of the unknowns and that in itself will help you sleep at night.

    What are the little things you focus on when prepping? What have you experienced thus far on a smaller scale where your preps have come in handy? Let us know in the comments.

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