The Lifeline Bug out Bag

  1. TechAdmin
    Food: Mre,Wise dehydrated foods,mylar packaged beef jerky,dry soups (Add water),heirloom seeds for planting
    Drink: 2L water bladder,water purification Tablets,activated carbon for water filtration,coffee,tea,sugar packs,koolaid
    First Aid: MaxiPads for any type of heavy bleeding,ointments,gauze,bandaids,alcohol pads,albuterol tubes & more
    Tool: hatchet,small axe,mini crobar,Knives w/spoon & fork mini crossbow,fire starters magnesium,whistle,mirror,emergency stoves
    Maps and Travel Information: not yet
    Clothing: sweatsuit
    Communication: radio
    Lighting: Lantern,flashlights,candles
    Shelter: tent,tube tent,mylar blankets Tarps coming soon


    My bug out bag allows me to have a peace at mind knowing I'll have some of the things that may keep me alive. Like I tell people I would rather have them and not need them than to need them and not have them it gives a sense of security to know you are prepared.

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