The Haus Bug out Bag

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    Food: 5 Pack Top Ramen noodles
    Drink: 3 Liter camel back bladder, water purification tabs & iodine, sports mix
    First Aid: Everything you could think of
    Tools: Multi tool, gerber knife.
    Maps and Travel Information: None
    Clothing: Poncho.
    Communication: (2) 2 way radios, solar radio, cell phone.
    Lighting: Energizer 120 lumen headlamp, several packets of glow sticks
    Shelter: Emergency shelter kit from Quake Kare


    Hi All,

    My kit was made from a Camelbak hiking bag. There were no waist straps, so I added the fanny from my Jansport backpacking bag to it, for more space and to allow me to have a waist strap in case I need to run with it on. The straps that secure the fanny to the backpacking pack were secured around the should straps of the Camelbak. It\'s super comfortable, and I was surprised at how well this worked.

    As you can see in the pictures, I probably have more than I need in there. The camp seat was an afterthought, and at $10 on amazon it\'s light and small. I weigh 220 lbs, and it holds me without bending.

    Fire starting: I have several packets of matches, lighters, and two Lightmyfire firesteel sticks. One of them I pulled out of my black mini kit.

    The black all purpose pouch actually has a modest supply of survival items including a knife, fire starting first aid, mosquito net, poncho, char cloth, glow sticks, fishing rig, etc etc. The red first aid kit is more comprehensive with iodine, creams, blood clot, scissors, etc.

    The radio is a solar and dyno powered set, that also charges cell phones. When I was backpacking, I had it charging my phone the whole time as I take picture and video with my phone.

    The only thing this kit doesn\'t have is clothing and RTD water. I didn\'t see the need, as I have a duffel bag of clothes in a separate closet that will be brought if I needed to bug out. We always have a supply of bottled water, and my wife\'s Jeep has a nice little kit similar to this one, that DOES include several liters of water. Her Jeep is the one we would take in a GTFO scenario anyway.

    I have a Gigapeak stove, as well as a fold-able cooking set with fuel tabs. I know it\'s probably overkill, but, if I need to boil two bots of water at once, I can. Plus, if I run out of fuel, I can use the tabs. I can also use the tabs to get wet tinder burning if need be.

    Keep in mind while it looks like a lot, I mentioned I am 220lbs. This entire kit, while some items may be redundant or overkill, is nothing for me on my back. I keep it under my bed.

    If I missed anything, or you have questions, your comments are appreciated. Thanks!

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