The Deadly Non Exploding Bomb

  1. saks_prepper
    Common Ground: Attacks From Space

    Wow. That heading, attacks from space, looks like I might have gone off the deep end. But work with me. I am merely talking about a foreign government launching a tactical missile against the United States on home soil. This is a bigger risk than I ever realized and is as much a threat as any other attack. More than ever we need to continue funding space defense systems for the United States and its allies. The terrorist nations are getting more bold and I have to believe that at the next intervention they might get cute and launch one missile against us.

    I know two nations that are not going rest until they receive a full invasion and the death of 90% of their citizens while their fanatical leaders sit in luxury bunkers. They do not care if their own people die. If they did, they would not be pursuing anything this reckless.

    Not Nuclear But Destructive

    Do not assume that missile will be nuclear. For the longest time this was my vision of what a ballistic attack against the United States would be. Growing up the fear was a nuclear exchange with the Russians. I never was able to see the risk of smaller nations getting missile technology. Not nuclear technology, just missile technology. A small nation ballistic missile attack does not have to even be nuclear anymore.

    An emp detonation above the clouds could wreak havoc on our infrastructure. A missile could have some sort of biological agent in it. A missile could have a traditional bomb and destroy a power plant. It really does not even need to detonate at all. It could even be just pamphlets. Yes, just pamphlets, because all it has to do is touch United States soil to do untold destruction.

    It Cannot Touch Soil

    The very idea that a foreign government could penetrate our air space would cause a chain reaction ending in every American being shaken. I know that any government would deny involvement but understand that enemy governments fund these terrorist organizations. The real detonation would be the media, the social networks, and a million smart phones sending panic messages back and forth. I have a deep thought about that.

    Do not give our enemies that kind of satisfaction.

    We need to continue to pursue and perfect a missile defense system to make sure that a missile never touches United States soil. I know that if even a dummy bomb hit we would mobilize like it was Pearl Harbor but I do not want to be brought to battle by my enemies. It is one thing to hijack a plane. It is another to use an organized military infrastructure to launch a ballistic missile against us. A hijacking still gives the illusion that a small group is working alone. A military grade missile system is an enemy army, plain and simple. Our enemies know that our media apparatus can paralyze our economy and our confidence with a small attack and not the elaborate scenarios you see in movies.

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