The Benefits of Prepping Privately

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    When it comes to preparedness, there is a lot we can learn from one another. Because of this, we tend to group together and share information as well as important supplies and tactics. Whether we realize it or not, we are forming a network of sorts. As we get to know each other and share information to help one another, we are also sharing information about ourselves. While it is good to share knowledge and learn from each other, sometimes putting yourself out there can have a negative impact as well as a positive one.

    For example, in my area, there is a very large, organized preparedness group. They operate primarily online using only usernames without ever sharing any specific details about their true identities. However, then they turn right around and host events during which they identify themselves and share details about their lives, supplies, and weaponry. In theory this is a fine idea, provided all attendees have been properly vetted and proven to not be a threat to one another, but how can we ever be truly certain of that? When a persona is created in an online environment, you only know what that person wants you to know and is willing to share. They may eventually give you their name while keeping their agenda hidden until an opportune time strikes to reveal it.


    With alarming frequency, whispers keep circulating about people who plan to target preppers and raid their supplies. These rumors tend to include ex-military personnel or even the average Joe, but the common denominator is the intentions these people have. According to the rumors, these people are planning to worm their way into prepper networks and learn who has what and where. Then they intend to steal it.


    Perhaps this is just a rumor, or perhaps it is true. The only way we will ever know for sure is if someone does or does not commit such acts. We should, however, assume that there is some truth to this and take it as a lesson to stay somewhat mum about the plans we have. Share information, share knowledge, but don't share your personal stockpile details or home defense measures and absolutely do not share your real name and address. To do so is to create vulnerability in the prepared environment you worked so hard to build. It will be enough to have to ward off those who failed to prepare; you don't want to add to that having to protect yourself from someone you thought was friendly but was in truth planning to raid your stash all along armed with the knowledge of what you have and where as well as how you are able to defend it. Stay anonymous to keep your stash safe!

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