Taking Advice from Senior Preppers

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    Preppers come in all types, from clueless beginners to those who have decades of experience under their belts. They also come from a wide array of locations and life styles. Variances in age are also present, from young adults to senior citizens. When you consider all of these variables, the logical conclusion is that there is no 'typical' prepper because for all we have in common, there are many things about us that are vastly different as well.

    An unfortunate trend amongst younger generations has emerged in recent years. While the previous rule was to respect your elders, it seems that a more modern shift has leaned towards a new societal norm of not giving our elders the respect they have earned, or any respect at all. Elders are now written off and dismissed when what we should do instead is pull up a chair and listen to what they have to say as there is plenty that can be learned from those who have been there and done that.

    When you read about survival prepping, the past comes up a lot. We are expected to learn from the past, which makes it all the more ironic when a person has no interest in what someone experienced has to say about what they endured and how the survived to be here today. If the Great Depression can serve as a learning tool in the uncertain future we all face, why not take notes from someone who has lived through such an event at least once and is ready to do it all over again? Such persons are capable of invaluable guidance; don't let their age fool you.

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    The basic needs of preppers are the same regardless of age. We all need to eat and drink. We all get injured and need first aid. We all need to be able to defend ourselves and know how to barter to survive. All of us. Every last one. Regardless of the number of years we've spent on this earth.

    So the next time you run across someone disregarding a prepper based on age, remind them that age equates to experience. Plus there are plenty of senior preppers who are physically active and mentally sharp; in fact, many of them more so than their decades younger counterparts. Don't let the passage of time fool you into thinking someone is not capable of walking several miles or managing a farm because many older preppers do just that, and do so every day, just as they have for most of their lives, learning many tricks of the trade at the same time.


    When the SHTF, do not look to senior citizens or elderly people as baggage. Look at them first and foremost as what they are: people. Beyond that, look to them for the experiences they may be willing to share and if they do share that experience with you, be grateful and express your thanks. In the end, for all we know, it could be them that pull the rest of us through.

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