Survival Uses for Liquor

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    Most of us enjoy a good drink from time to time. This means the odds are good that we will have some form of alcohol on hand. Ideally that alcohol will come in the form of liquor, which is a multi-talented liquid that offers many benefits. Sure, you can drown your societal collapse sorrows in it, but it is actually good for much more than that.

    First of all, liquor is flammable. If you need to make a fire in a pinch, dousing your logs with a splash of liquor before lighting will get things moving in the right direction. Should you not have logs or need to make a fire in a building, you can contain that fire to a small can, such as a tuna fish can. Pour liquor into the can and light. If you have neither logs nor cans, then hopefully you will have access to sand. Push sand together in a mound and then hollow out a divot in the center to form a bowl. Pour liquor inside and light, agitating as needed to keep the flame alive. In all of these scenarios, be sure to let liquor fumes dissipate and light your fires carefully; liquor catching fire can result in a bit of a fireball initially.


    Injuries can be helped with the addition of liquor, although it will enhance the pain since the application of liquor to a wound burns a good bit. This probably means liquor wound care should be reserved as a desperate measure for a desperate time and used secondarily to clean water. However, if water is not available, you might have to suck it up and pour some on to clean out a wound. Sterilizing instruments with liquor is preferable to sterilizing yourself, so hopefully that will be an avenue available to you, depending on the severity of your wound and the supplies on hand.

    Speaking of clean water, you can actually use liquor for sterilization purposes. If you have collected water you think might be bacterially suspect, mix a shot of liquor in with it. Slosh it around for even dispersal and give it a half an hour to work its magic. In the end the liquor should kill off nasty pests in the water, making it safer for drinking.


    When all of your options for liquor use have been exhausted and you are faced with an empty bottle, put that to good use as well. With a shoe lace or piece of paracord, tie your bottle up off the ground in direct sunlight. The goal here is for the sun to reflect off of the bottle, signaling a need for help. With a little luck, someone will see it and come to your aid. Ideally that person will be equipped with supplies, but if all he has is more liquor, at least you will know ahead of time for what purposes it can be used.

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