Step Outside of the Box to Find Items in Cans

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    When you think about food for TEOTWAWKI, you probably think a lot about canned goods. Not only are canned goods cheap, but they are also stackable and easy to store in addition to having a long shelf life. You can get some canned vegetables (peas, corn, green beans) to go with your canned meat (Vienna sausages, potted meat, Spam) and make a meal of it. Also available are items such as canned raviolis and soups to spice things up. Regardless of the combinations you choose, it is good to have options, and you may have even more options than you previously thought.

    My experience with canned good purchasing has mainly been done in grocery stores. The items for sale there have always been fairly mainstream such as those mentioned above. Nothing weird or surprising ever jumped out at me. I could have been living in a fool\'s paradise thinking that only certain types of items found their way into cans, or perhaps shopping at a grocery store eliminated a reason to see those items because they were there in other, perishable forms.

    Let\'s take bread, for example. We all know bread molds and has a relatively short shelf life. If you have a loaf of bread at home, it goes stale and/or turns green in a week or so. The grocery store sells bread in loaves that come in plastic or paper packaging, which we all know is not going to last in a survival situation unless you are able to freeze it and keep it frozen until you intend to use it. Because the grocery store is not particularly concerned about your long term survival needs as much as they are with providing fresh items, it makes sense for them to sell this type of bread. If you want bread that is meant to last, you are going to have to step outside of that big box store and look elsewhere to find bread that is made and packaged to last.


    Now that you have bread (albeit bread that is a little sweeter than usual), what are you going to do with it? Since that bread is available with raisins, how about warming it up and making toast? You\'re probably going to want some butter for that. Butter is not shelf stable though, and also needs to be refrigerated to keep...or does it? Nope! Butter comes in a can, too. What if you are not in the mood for toast, and would rather a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich? Well, the good news is those items come in cans as well!

    When preparing your survival food stash, don\'t shop exclusively at the grocery store. Think outside of the box and look in other places for foods you would not ordinarily be able to purchase at the Piggly Wiggly. Also be sure to incorporate dried goods with your canned items. Doctors may harp on us about eating a healthy, balanced diet, but they are right. While a diet consisting of mainly canned goods is not the best thing for you, it can sustain you, but you need to add in different food items for complete nutrition. In the end, the strong will survive because they got their strength from eating right, or as close to right as possible.

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