September Is Preparedness Month: Are You Participating?

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    Designating certain days or months to specific events or causes helps bring about much needed awareness and attention. One example of this that may be fresh in your mind is the many Ice Bucket Challenges that have spent time in the news, and news feed as the case may be, for the past several weeks. Because of this, people who have never heard of ALS now know what it is and a respectable sum of money has been raised for the cause, making it a win all the way around. That said, why should awareness stop there? Why not extend it to other areas of life? A good example of something that could use additional exposure is survival prepping, and luckily the month of September is here to help.

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    September is National Preparedness Month, which makes it a great time to draw attention to the reasons we prep and why others should join in and do the same. While it may be tempting to focus on only your own needs, keep in mind that having prepared friends and neighbors can enhance your survival chances as well. By spreading knowledge and awareness you thereby create an opportunity to inform others who might not have previously known how to prepare or why they should. In the end, this can benefit you when others learn and become self-reliant rather than knocking on your door in a crisis, desperate for help for which they may beg or try to steal. is pushing a plan to spread survival awareness in many places and amongst many people. Included in their preparedness plans are concepts for individuals, families, and workplaces. One of the first efforts made this month, known as Thunderclap, reached 6.7 million people. On a preparedness scale, that is a fantastic accomplishment. Even if all of those people were not new to prepping, surely some were, and anyone who joins the preparedness movement is an asset to its ultimate success. Granted, a true prepper does not only prep annually in only September,
    but a true prepper does take advantage of every opportunity afforded to

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    At the end of the month, on or around September 30th, more preparedness events are being encouraged. is asking people to hold events to spread the word about survival prepping in the form of National PrepareAthon Day. Although it is to some degree unlikely that each individual can host such an event, there are tips included on the website if you wish to do so. Alternately, you may want to participate in another event in your area or simply be an attendee. You never know when you might find an opportunity to sharpen your skills. Regardless of what your specific intentions may be, you can always pop on over to the website for some additional information. FEMA is in on this event as well, and you can register your participation there or simply gather some information, tips, and tricks for preparedness on their website as well.

    In the end, when TEOTWAWKI strikes, you can never have too many like-minded allies, even if your alliance to one another begins and ends at not needing to beg, steal, or borrow what has been painstakingly accumulated to ensure survival. What are your thoughts on organized prepping events such as this one? Do you consider these to be learning tools or assets to preppers far and wide? Do you instead prefer to keep your survival plans and methods to yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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