Safeguard Your Stuff with Help from Grandma

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    We talk all the time about bug out bags, but have you ever considered the obviousness of those bags? Say, perhaps, someone breaks into your house or car and that person (or people!) has even the vaguest survival knowledge. They may be easily able to recognize that bag for what it is and, upon snagging it, be taking some items of great value to you.

    Think about the items you keep in that bag. We all know credit cards would be useless in a SHTF scenario, so you will need cash. Is that cash in your BOB? Protection is also a very important thing to consider. You may choose to protect yourself with a knife or even a firearm. Depending on the purchase price of that firearm, having it stolen could be quite a setback. Let\'s not forget ammunition; so much ammo is difficult to come by these days that if yours were to vanish, you may not be able to replace it. With that in mind, do you keep a firearm and extra ammunition in your BOB? If that bag gets stolen, there goes your means of protection, a means of protection that can be turned around and used against you if you were to interrupt it being stolen.

    There are many things that are of extreme significance in a survival situation that you want to cling tight to with both hands. Protecting your stuff is just as important as protecting yourself. While having things in accessible, convenient locations is great for when the time comes to actually bug out, it also jeopardizes those items to have them in plain view. Survival aside, many people are broke, hungry, and desperate, which makes targets of more and more people. Even if someone knew nothing about you and your future plans, they could easily ruin them by breaking into your house and stealing things that are important and even irreplaceable to you.


    So why are we keeping our goodies all together in one neat, tidy, and ready to steal bag of tricks? If you are, you should not be. It is time to change that. Keep your valuables near to you but out of sight at the same time. Put cash and guns in a safe place that the average thief might not suspect to be a storage space, such as behind a wall mounted picture of your favorite grandma. Let granny keep you, and your stuff, safe from threats. While you\'re at it, store your prescription medications in the same place, especially those highly sought after pain meds. Since addicts would jump for joy at the possibility of laying hands on such pills, you need to safeguard yours for the day when you truly need them and there are no convenient drive through pharmacies to call up for a refill.


    Storing your stuff in a safe place with grandma\'s picture as the facade is easy to do. You can simply purchase a picture frame with a hidden compartment behind it and, if you wish, sink it into the wall space where you decide to hang it. Also possible is building your own if you are handy enough to do so. There may be particularly determined thieves out there who are smart enough to think to shake grandma down for your goods, but it is less likely than stealing a BOB sitting by your front door ready to go. If you do feel that someone looking behind that photo of grandma is a legitimate threat, then go to the nearest variety store and stack up on cheap picture frames, hanging them all over your house to make process of elimination more difficult. No one is going to take the time to check every single one, and even if they check a few, be sure to keep the one holding the valuables as far out of sight and away from main entry points as possible. A picture frame may seem like minimal deterrent, but you never know how little it might take to safeguard your stuff, and your life.

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