Remembering what it used to be like

  1. Caseyboy
    I’m old enough to remember the Civil Rights activists, the white lines painted on the floors in the buses, the “Whites Only” signs everywhere in the south. There was change of course, and it came at a price of murders, beatings, arsons, civil discord, riots, and much more too lengthy to describe here fully. It taught me a lesson I only read about prior to this era happening and the time frame where I lived. This is that message; read it loud and clear; The only civil change that will happen in the future to attempt to rectify what has happened to America will happen, and it will entail, murders, beatings, arsons, civil discord, riots and one more ingredient- It is going to take an all-out guerrilla war. The country is so divided right now I’ve never seen it this way in all my life and no one is giving an inch either way. War is inevitable.

    The American people elected Donald Trump in a legal election. It was the will of the people and if any party tries to change that, there are somewhere in the vicinity of 250 million able-bodied men and women will take up some 500 million guns and trillions of rounds of ammunition, and make sure the traitors pay a terrible price for that attempt. It was already tried and stopped, the next time we stop it will be by force of the gun. There are millions of former military men and women who are combat veterans. There are still many Vietnam veterans around and some are also capable of bearing arms in defense of the country. Many are old like me but we will fight. If any on the left try to attempt a takeover, they will pay for that with a river of blood. If war breaks out in America, I predict you’ll see hundreds, if not thousands of jet stream contrails crisscrossing the skies as they head for their haven in Europe and South America. Once the war begins, the left’s agenda will disintegrate. They will keep at it, but they’ll be secret this time. Right now, we know who they are. Because we know who they are, they will not escape the citizen’s hangman ropes. There will be mobs of people searching out every neighborhood in America looking to string the traitors up when they find them, and they will find most of them.

    There are scoffers out there. I read it, I hear it in conversations, I see the MS news doling it out with their greasy tongues, in the movies, on TV, Google, Facebook and so many more are feeding it to us. It is especially coming from the Democrats. There are many Americans who will take a stance much like Randy Weaver did but in numbers that will turn the average left’s hair white with fear making them wet their pants. Many of us as citizens are getting pushed to the breaking point, and we won’t allow it to continue for long.

    Remember, the governments, all of them belong to you and me. They don’t have any money, it’s our money. They don’t have any property; it belongs to us. Every single one of them works for us either directly or indirectly. The country belongs to Americans. They have forgotten that fact, and they need to be taught a lesson that they’ll not forget for another 243 years like the one we taught the British who tried to disarm us. Japan didn’t invade us because Admiral Yamamoto, the Naval Architect who leveled the attack on Pearl Harbor said, “There will be a gun behind every blade of grass in America if we do.” After the attack everyone was high fiving each other at their success, and he said, “We have awakened a sleeping giant.” He wasn’t rejoicing because he knew it would be a death knell to his country. Many people don’t know this, but we only had two atomic bombs that we used on Japan. There were many heavy discussions for the US to make many more and to use them all on Japan.

    It is my opinion that sleeping giant is waking up and will deal with the traitors who would destroy our country from within.


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