Preparedness Lessons from Chicken Little

  1. GPS1504
    If Chicken Little were real, he would be working overtime running around yelling that the sky is falling. Perhaps he would be right, perhaps the sky is falling. What Chicken Little did not say was a single word about preparedness; all he did was run in circles freaking out. There are two things you can learn from Chicken Little.


    1. Do not waste time running around like a chicken without a head. While it is natural to panic, it is not productive to go into full meltdown mode when the SHTF. There is nothing wrong with a healthy amount of panic because it will keep you on your toes. A little bit of panic will keep your mind fresh, and you will need to have a fresh mind. A lot of panic, on the other hand, could ruin you. Curling up in the fetal position is not going to be an option, so if you worry you or someone you love might go that route, work on both a strong pep talk and the delivery of it in advance. Do not let panic escalate into hysteria, because hysteria can quite easily become contagious. You do not want to be tasked with the care of a bunch of blubbering basketcases quickly turning into dead weight. Accept what is going on around you and move forward encouraging others to do the same. Terrible things may be happening, but you must survive now and grieve later. If the sky is falling, so be it, but you must stay cool.


    2. Do not buy into the hype. Chicken Little may have been an irrational nutcase, but he also was not running around with a book about how to survive a falling sky. He wasn't carrying a falling sky survival knife. In his pocket he did not have a falling sky poncho. He did immediately run off and put on his magic run from the falling sky shoes. The point here is that you need to know what is real and will help your through TEOTWAWKI versus what is marketed to trick you into thinking you need it for the financial gain of big business. There is nothing wrong with taking advice from a book or website, but remember that preppers stick together and share information more so than selling it. There is nothing wrong with a survival knife but make sure it is not a gimmick. You need to be aware of how to survive because you took it upon yourself to become educated, not because you saw an infomercial for something guaranteeing apocalypse survival and put all your eggs in that basket.


    It might sound harsh and it might depress you to know it, but hype will not save you. Mass marketed products have one goal and that is to make money. That is why these products are hyped--so they will sell and rake in money. If selling those products means making a few false promises in the process, you can bet that will happen. Then what? When you realize your survival thingy du jour fails to save your hide, are you going to run to the mall and exchange it? Oh, wait, there is no more mall. The mall is gone, and if you rely on hype to survive, you are going to be gone, too.

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