Our Nation is Broken

  1. Caseyboy
    Let me justify this statement by offering some glaring examples of where America stands today as viewed by other Americans in the world:

    Our schools are broken. They teach anti-American rhetoric to the young impressionable students by people who are embedded in a Marxist culture. The mindset where American values, cultures, and accomplishments are disparaged on a regular basis. Rather than teach how great America is for its wondrous and monumental accomplishments, many teachers chose as their communist masters taught them, to admonish Americans. Denigrate those who made those achievements possible and relinquish them to the rubbish pile. To be replaced by counter empty talk, and massive changes to our history. They fail to focus on our tremendous accomplishments as a nation, and as a people.

    We were able to become top dog in the world because of one basic human need, and that is, the yearning to be free. To be the navigator of our own destiny, and desires. To raise our families in an environment where no one, and that includes a government, has the right to tell us what we are supposed to do with our lives, and our families. This is according to someone else's dialogue, and plan. We knew early on in our country what we would do with our money as we earned it, how we would conduct our lives if we maintained an honorable course. If we accepted and earned the expressed esteem of our friends, and neighbors because of who we were as people.

    Lest anyone forgets, we as a young nation went to war with the Super Power of its day and beat them in a war for our independence and won. Not once, but twice. We not only got our freedom as a people, but we rose to be the ultimate superpower on the planet. No country on earth so far can challenge that in the modern era. We were the richest, the most technologically advanced, most well-educated and had an infrastructure that was the envy of the world. To top it all off, we were the most generous with all that we had to the rest of the world and those in need.

    While some of us made great strides in not only business but education, some were either extremely successful and what we chose to do with our lives. Our ability to earn our daily bread most of us, strove to do that honorably.

    Others simply were ordinary and accomplished in a simple approach, a life lived through the struggles that come our way. They never lost sight of the fact that they were free, and they were honorable people doing honorable things, and they loved their country. That was the generation I came out of.

    Our public educational system was so effective it turned out bright young people who went out into the world and accomplished incredible things. We went from our first manned flight which was rudimentary as can be, to landing on the moon in three generations. Some people lived to realize both events in their lifetimes. That is impressive by anyone’s standards.

    Our medical doctors, engineers, teachers, industrialist, scientist and so much more were the absolute best a society could produce. This happened because people were free to follow their dreams as they built a life built on a society that honored not only freedom but integrity, patriotism and a desire to build a life. A life that was better than their parents or their ancestors had in the past.

    Slowly, and imperceptibly, America's ideologies and our incredible wealth were envied by so many the world over. Jealousy, resentment, and political theories began to seep into our society, and our culture was changed ever so slowly. Perhaps if we take into consideration Karl Marx wrote his venomous little book on February 28, 1848, with the help of his friend and beneficiary Frederick Engels, it was imported into America by immigrants seeking a better life than they had experienced in both Russia and Europe.

    Today, as a nation, and as a people, we suffer from a poison in our population that no longer honors us as a population or as a nation. It is slowly destroying the life of a great country. There are those who would kill us as a society. Once the light of Liberty is snuffed out in America where will we go? That light that glowed through the darkest nights, lighting the way to freedom with a bright and powerful beam, promising those who came here would be free from oppression all over the world, is barely a glowing ember today. Think about it. Some of us have watched our nation go from the top of the heaps to a near banana republic in one lifetime. The richest, most powerful, the finest schools, and the absolute best medically advanced system anywhere in only one lifetime. Think about it.


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