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  1. headhunter
    A whole bunch of years back I wanted apple trees. I've planted white pine, Norway pine, black spruce, blue spruce, cedar trees, juniper trees- now throw in birch trees, red maple and a pile of black walnut trees. BUT- these were my apple trees! I followed all the directions and they grew. Last year I was able to harvest about 20 apples and I was excited! This spring I smiled as all three trees showed beautiful white blossoms. Small apples began to form. Then last week a wind blew and when I awoke the next morning the tree that had produced the apples last year was bent almost touching the ground. I waited until yesterday to see if it would right itself back up, it didn't. The tree showed no splintering of the trunk so the granddaughter and I drove two steel fence posts into the ground 4' from the tree at an angle of 45 degrees from each other and put a folded up blue-jean leg around the tree for each post and attached the blue-jean legs to the steel post with 1/4 " rope. We uses the jean material to attempt to limit the damage from rubbing. When we pounded the fence posts in we were surprised how soft the ground had become from all the rain we've been having. Rain, wind, new trees, and the added weight/wind resistance of the new apples was too much. if you have had a lot of rain and are subject to wind, please check your trees. (Two years ago my s-i-l greeted me with, "A tree fell on your truck!" We were 200 miles away from here and both he and I check to see if any trees are leaning over something they shouldn't be. In this case a tree fell on the neighbors property -falling from west to east. It struck a tree on our property causing it to fall from north to south which meant it landed with twenty feet on the north side of mu pick-up and 20 feet on the south side. God must have been angry that day. Another example of too much rain.)

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