Like It or Not, Survival Skills Need Nurturing

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    In survival, much as in all areas of life, there are going to be things you are better at doing or that you like doing more. Say, for example, that you enjoy going to the shooting range and as a result a lot of your survival preparedness centers around using firearms. That is an excellent skill set to have and can benefit you in many ways. However, since you enjoy this particular aspect of survival so much and throw a lot of energy into it, have you ever paused to contemplate whether other areas of your survival skillset could be neglected and possibly suffering?

    As humans, we like to do the things we enjoy. That is in our nature. We have to make ourselves do things we do not enjoy, much as our parents made us do homework as kids. Well, now that we are older and responsible for ourselves, that homework is still sitting there, unfinished. What homework, you ask? Your survival homework! If it is incomplete in anyway, you will struggle and possibly suffer on down the road. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are the same as shooting, foraging, and building shelter. All of these things need to be practiced, whether you like it or not. Knowing how to do things now, ahead of the threat, will help you immensely in the end.


    Have you ever watched someone on television try to pitch a tent? Perhaps someone doing it for the first time? You may have laughed and scoffed at their failures and frustrations, thinking that will never be you, but you need to be honest with yourself. If you have a brand new tent tucked away in your garage that has never seen the light of day, you may not have the easiest time assembling it when the time comes. Practicing ahead of time and learning from your mistakes before you are in a defensive position is essential to survival. If you are in the wilds cursing at a tent, someone can easily sneak up on you, possibly ruining your day or ending your life. So take that tent out and pitch it a few times until you learn the ins and outs and can do it quickly with finesse and by memory. Directions are nice, but they could get wet or go missing, and you will need to know how to rely on yourself.


    Perhaps fire starting has never been your thing. Well, it needs to become your thing now. Even if you are safe in your home when the tides of change are upon us, you may not have power or gas to heat your home. It could be the dead of winter with freezing temperatures. You will want to stay warm and consume hot food, so knowing how to start a fire is another skill you should practice ahead of time. Be sure to incorporate different tools and methods so your bases are always covered, as you never know what you might need to use when the time comes.


    Just because you do not like a skill or do not want to practice does not mean you won't someday need that skill. It could very well be the skill that saves your life. Think about the abilities that are needed for survival. Make yourself a list and mark off the ones you dislike performing or dread the most, then practice those until you are good at them. You may never learn to love those things, but you will learn to survive. Being able to shoot is an excellent skill, but a gun will not pitch a tent or build a fire for you. You are going to have to get out there and do the dirty work for yourself, so be sure to learn how before it is too late.

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