Kelty Bug out Bag

  1. TechAdmin

    Food: Mountainhouse granola bars macaroni and cheese potato soup Will update as soon as I get my list back him but it\'s about 13,000 cal so about six days worth of food

    Drink: Three liter Water reservoir Back up to liter, some Nuun electrolyte tablets Singleserve Kool-Aid packets tea and hot cocoa

    First Aid: Ace bandage handkerchief and am currently putting my first aide kit together

    Tools: To knife sharpeners 10 zip ties a skyline Keyshawn knife one sol emergency blanket collapsable husky saw signal mirror collapsable water bottle Back up flashlight fishing line binoculars

    Maps and Travel Information: All memorized but I do need to get some hard copy\'s

    Clothing: Two pairs of socks two pairs of boxers cold weather neoprene watch cap jungle floppy hat black two shirts I am planning on updating all to smart wool

    Communication: None I am currently a lone wolf but I know how to signal and leave messages

    Lighting: One Atac A1 5.11 flashlight 102 lumens on one AA battery and a regular husky flashlight that I plan on updating to the A2 170 lumens on two AA batteries

    Shelter: Sol blanket one 8x8 tarp trying to get an ENO hammock for my sleep system

    My bag is a Kelty Redwing the 44 2500 cubic inches

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