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    Food: Canned chicken and tuna, trail mix, jerky, and sugar stuff (newtons and wafers). Basically enough to get me three days and then some.
    Drink: 4L of water, plus my 1.5L water bottle on my belt.
    First Aid: Basic bandages, gauze, tape, a few OTC pain pills, BC Powder, the like.
    Tools: AK-47 Bayonet, 2 Ozark Trail Hunting Knives, Hobo Tool, Fishing Kit, fishing twine.
    Maps and Travel Information: Street Atlas of the Areas I\'m mostly in, including topos of the most likely places I\'ll be, covering my way(s) back home.
    Clothing: 1 extra pair of pants, 3 extra shirts, 3 extra unders, 4 pair socks, Mechanix Gloves, 1 pair longjohns (cold weather only).
    Communication: Signal Mirror, Cell Phone.
    Lighting: LED Headlamp, LED Flashlight, LED Camp Lantern, Matches, Lighter, Firesteel, extra batteries as needed.
    Shelter: USGI Poncho. Laugh all you want, I\'ve spent MANY a storm under it perfectly dry!


    In addition, I carry several extra pocket knives (various quality), a couple of short fixed blades, and several granola bars. *Being*hypoglycemic is a bit of a nag, but as long as I keep the starchy stuff/sugar going into me, I don\'t get the shakes too bad.

    All of that is packed into a Mini ALICE Ruck (on a frame), and a USGI Butt Pack.


    I\'ve also got an undisclosed amount of silver coinage and bullion on me, along with my class ring, and wedding band (14k White Gold). *All good if I need HARD MONIES to get me home. *

    In my \"Never Leave Home Without It\" gear, I\'ve got my SwissCard. *It\'s not much, but it\'s got me out of more than a couple of minor jams in the past. *It\'s got scissors, a knife blade, pen, tweezers, tooth pick, and a straight pin.

    I\'m looking to add a decent sewing kit, improve my first aid kit, lighten the weight of my food (either with bars, or MREs), and swap out the clothes I\'ve got now for BDUs and Coolmax shirts, wool socks, and a couple of good kaffiya (the Arab head dress thingy-it does great for HOT OR COLD weather).

    This bag is designed not only to get me from my Home to my BOL, it can also get me from my JOB to my HOME (where I will restock it), and then from HOME to the BOL. *

    As far as firearms goes, I\'ve none in my bag as of CURRENT.

    I PLAN on getting a similar setup IN my car, so I\'m not lugging my ONLY BOB around everywhere I go.

    I would EVENTUALLY like to upgrade to a Maxpedition Bag. *Either the Falcon or the Condor-I think the Vulture is a bit too big for my current disability.

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