I reached 48 years with my bride this morning

  1. Caseyboy
    Today, Nancy and I reached a milestone. 48 years of being married. It's a little hard for me to fathom that, but it is real, and we both arrived at this threshold together this morning. As I look back on those years it stuns me to realize how much of the proverbial water has crossed under those many bridges we crossed getting to today. It has been a journey we both undertook together, initially, hand in hand, with smiles on our faces.

    I took her with me through a fast-moving era of Rock and Roll Concerts and life was a blur, to an ocean voyage on my sailboat "The Brigadoon". We sailed across the Pacific Ocean together. From there to motherhood when our son Sean was born. She made me make a decision and I sold my boat and got a house. My wandering days were over. After that, I took her through another adventure of me flying the Bush in Alaska. That separation was a grueling one, but I had to make a living, and quench my thirst for adventure, the fire was still there in search of that adrenalin rush, so I went to the North to fly freight, and people in a seemingly never-ending marathon of perpetual nights and endless summer daylight.

    Our lives changed again when after years of constant lies from a government, and the thankless wars, I had no say in what I realized my country was doing and I could not make it change. It was led then and now by crooked politicians and liars compelling us to move to Costa Rica, Central America to live out the rest of our lives in peace and sunshine. So, here we are 48 years later, still together. It's been a life long trek of adventure, filled with two Leos at each other's throats, but the best part was always making up. How can one explain the amazement one feels after nearly a half-century of togetherness? Stunned is a word that fills that gap. Perhaps, incredulous might suffice more realistically, contentment probably will do it more justice, but perhaps grateful will have to do to relate what God has seen to bless this orphan boy with after depriving me of so much as a child. Whatever the plan is, I am thankful I have what I have both in spirit and soul and material things for this arrival spot that is my ultimate destiny.

    One can never second guess destiny, or love and certainly not the plan laid out for us by an unseen hand. The years flow, we are much like a leaf floating along on the river of life, our final story is yet to be fulfilled. Where the endless river takes us is a story yet untold. I thank God every day for the happiness I've been afforded so many times and I reflect on those moments of fear and the deep sorrow that has helped me to be a lot stronger than I ever thought I could be. I know now that it had to be in order to bring me to what I am today, and was necessary. I also am eternally grateful for the love of a woman who told me years ago, she chose me. 48 years later and I realize it hasn't been a dream, it is a reality. I am after all I'm only a man.
    Semper Fi

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