Got Blankets?

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    If TEOTWAWKI were to hit right now, how warm would you be? Or moreover, how warm would you stay? With yet another winter storm bearing down on us, it is rather cold outside. In a lot of cases, it is rather cold inside as well. While many people may have heat now, what if that heat were to fail? What if, under the cover of this winter storm, a world altering event were to take place? Would you be able to stay warm while hunkered down in your home?

    Fireplaces are an excellent tool when it comes to the survival of winter, as are wood burning stoves. Not all of us have access to such luxuries, which could mean cold days ahead if the power were to fail. You can only put on so many layers of clothing to combat the cold. Regardless of the clothing you may have in your home or BOB, you simply cannot wear it all at the same time because there comes a time when it simply will not fit.

    Many years ago during an ice storm, I remember trying to stay warm as the temperature in our house dipped well below freezing. I put on as many articles of clothing as I could, starting with tight fitting items first and moving on to looser items. Even with a strategy, however, it was not possible to get enough clothing on to try stay warm. Once you put on a couple pairs of pants, the next pair will not button or zip. If you have a few pairs of socks on your feet, your shoes will not fit over them. Shirts were a little easier to pile on, but even that comes to an end sooner or later. Whether that is before or after you wind up with your arms frozen in place by layers of clothing depends on the contents of your closet.

    What is useful when it comes to heat retention are blankets. You can pile many more blankets upon yourself than you can layers of clothing. Then, if you get too hot, you can take those blankets off one layer at a time to achieve the level and degree of warmth that works for you. Plus, unlike layered clothing, blankets will not hinder your ability to move quickly. If you hear something suspicious, fling the blankets off of you and go investigate without missing a beat. On the other hand, if you are wearing so many layers of clothing that your movement is restricted and your shoes will not tie, how are you going to run if your life were to suddenly depend on it? You will not have time to strip off the necessary layers to regain freedom of movement to fight or flee.


    Summer will be here soon, so why worry about blankets now? In addition to protecting from the cold, blankets can shield you from direct sunlight. They can be used to form a makeshift shelter from the wind. If you are in a pinch and need to dry off but do not have a towel, use a blanket. Should you wind up with a crick in your neck from sleeping on hard ground, roll a blanket up and use it as a pillow. If you are cut and bleeding, cut up a blanket to use as a tourniquet or a temporary bandage. In the event that there is a need to signal for help, you can use a blanket to flag down assistance.

    The uses for blankets are plentiful and it makes sense to have a stack in your stockpile. Investing in specialized emergency blankets in addition to standard blankets can go a long way as well. Any blankets you purchase don\'t have to be pretty or even new; buying used blankets from a thrift store and washing them in hot water will make them sufficient for survival purposes. You are not looking for luxury, after all. You are looking to survive and having a stash of blankets when the SHTF can help you do just that.


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