Extreme Case Scenarios and Prepping for the Worst

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    Some would argue the boom in the American economy during the post-WW2 era was a good thing. For many reasons, it was; everyday people earned more money, gained greater purchasing power, could afford lots of material goods, and many people were content by this. On the other hand it made those same people soft. When they turned soft, their kids also turned soft and this continued on down the line. But as the economic crisis in 2008 proved, people have difficulty adjusting to times of hardship. Like it or not, this will all happen again and probably turn out to be much worse. Getting prepared for an economic meltdown, large natural disaster, or foreign invasion are things no one wants to think about. But if you are intelligent and can read the writings on the wall, you need to.

    It is an absolute fact that the decay of society is predicated upon a successful middle class. When the gap between the very rich and very poor widens and those formerly known as middle class lose enough to become additional families of the poor, society becomes unstable and ultimately perishes. We saw this with Rome, it led to bloody upheavals in Russia and China, and it seems to be trending the same way in the United States. While measures are being taken to facilitate the poor through social welfare programs, in the end it will prove to be a feeble attempt to combat the unavoidable problems inherent in our economy. How will you react once this breakdown takes place?

    It is not certain if this will culminate in revolution against those with money and power. The only thing we know is that at some point this will happen. History has shown it will. To prepare yourself, you need to have a competitive edge on your friends, neighbors, co-workers, associates, and fellow countrymen. You will not be able to rely on your automated home security system and the corresponding response team to come save the day. Even some of the most advanced security systems on the market won't be able to keep you safe. It may sound cutthroat but when SHTF you need to be a fine-tuned survivalist.

    Physical Fitness and Becoming a Machine

    First things first you need to be in shape. Being physically fit and able to sustain long periods without much rest is crucial. The solution? Lift weights and run long distance. Running 3-5 kilometers per day will boost your cardiovascular health and help you feel alert and aware before work. Being able to run long distances without getting tired will improve your scouting range and decrease the time it will take to alert your family when a threat presents itself. Becoming stronger through weightlifting is also a must.

    Ammunition will eventually run out, meaning melee combat is imminent and close-quarters tussles will determine who lives and falls.

    Controlling Transportation Flow

    Acquiring additional resources for your unit will be a key to presiding over other units. Blocking off additional routes of transportation and creating a funneling effect so that all transportation must go through a single road and that road is under your unofficial jurisdiction. This will enable your unit to loot passing vehicles carrying resources through the area with ease.

    Mental Fortitude

    Make no mistake survival will not be easy. What you have seen on post-apocalyptic movies and survival shows in general will not apply. True survival is gritty, messy, and no one comes out looking good on the other side.

    It is using any means necessary to live another day. No one will come to your aid and you are not the good guy who will always live in the end. Understand that any other human being is just as likely as you are to live, but you can have the edge when it comes to training yourself and understanding what it will take to live. If you accomplish this, you have a slightly better shot at waking up tomorrow, which is all you really need.

    Riley Harkins is a survival enthusiast and self-sustainable citizen. He enjoys engaging in conversation concerning personal security and writes on behalf of LiveWatch, providing the fastest home security system.

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