Don't Leave Home without it Bug out Bag

  1. TechAdmin

    Food: Usu a couple of granola bars and an Almond Joy
    Drink: canteen with canteen cup and stove
    First Aid: adhesive bandages, sinus pills, ibuprofen, allergy pills, triangular bandage
    Maps and Travel Information: compass
    Communication: pencil, notebook, whistle
    Lighting: LED flashlight
    Shelter: emergency blanket

    This is the bag I take to the woods or on trips anywhere farther than town. I\'m putting it up to be critiqued. If anyone has ideas of what else would be handy or maybe changed I\'d appreciate it. I know I\'d like to add some wire and small fishhooks (testing my BOB gear I realized my hooks were too big to catch smaller fish).On my person I carry another pocket knife, lighter, and multi-tool. A more complete gear list follows:

    Canteen w/ canteen cup, stove and iodine tabs
    Fire steel,P38 can opener, magnesium block, LED light and whistle combo
    Triangular bandage, boot bands, nylon twine
    Sinus pills, allergy pills, ibuprofen, adhesive bandages
    Knife fork spoon combo w/ another can opener
    2 lighters, water-proof matches, cotton balls, random piece of flint I found
    pencil, notebook
    Electrical tape
    snuff tin w/ dryer lint
    Bag of pine sap
    Emergency blanket
    Knife sharpener
    Folding knife
    Sheath knife

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